Britain is no longer a civilised country - UN disability rep

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Bit by bit, the abuse of disabled people in the UK is being normalised. Talk of a human catastrophe in this country is in no way exaggerated
It’s often said that the mark of a civilised society is how it treats its most vulnerable citizens in times of austerity. And in the past week, Britain has had not one but two damning judgments – the first from a committee room in Geneva, the second in a courtroom in London. ... are_btn_tw

London ?

The Luke Davey judgement.

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Geneva ?

UN judgement on this Government's performance on disabled citizens.

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Nice summing up by Frances Ryan !

This is grotesque, but it becomes more grotesque still when we consider this situation is not rare. By this financial year, around 200,000 disabled people will have lost between £15,000 and £18,000 in income through a combination of cuts, from the bedroom tax to the abolition of disability living allowance. Meanwhile, 1 million disabled people now have to live without the social care they need to wash, cook, or leave the house.

I am struck daily by the number of readers who tell me what’s being done to them by this government, simply because they have the nerve to be disabled and, often, poor. Grandmothers falling into depression and anxiety waiting to hear whether they’ll be deemed “fit for work”. Middle-aged men with arthritis sitting in a coat in their living room because they can’t afford to put the heating on. Young disabled women turning to sex work after having their Disability Living Allowance removed, and having no other way to pay the bills.

Bit by bit, the abuse of disabled people in Britain is being normalised. This isn’t simply the result of newspapers and politicians dehumanising the “scrounging” disabled. It’s that the hardship being witnessed is now so common, so widespread, it’s as if it’s beyond comprehension..

Exctly the type of contribution we would have welcomed on CarerWatch.

Blunt , honest and very apt.

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