Bounty hunters to cut benefit fraud by £1bn - Telegraph

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is anyone else concerned by this article in the Telegraph about the use of 'Bounty Hunters' to catch benefit fraudesters ? ... y-1bn.html

My worry is if the 'Bounty Hunters' can contact people on benefits directly rather than via DWP or councils. They may cause great unnecessary stress for genuine claimants and carers if they don't act with care. I suspect the need of hitting targets will cause many people to be trampled on underfoot. Image

No, I can't say that I am concerned. I believe there are many fraudulent claimants out there and they have been getting away with it far too long. It's about time something was done to put a stop to these people who are scamming the system. It's those sort of people who are making less available to those who truly deserve it.
Don't know if you've ever seen that BBC daytime TV prog hosted by Dom Littlewood - Saints & Scroungers (recent series finished a couple of weeks ago). It'll certainly open your eyes to just how much the welfare system is being ripped off by scam claimants, their sheer greed is outrageous. Many of those featured in the prog use the money they've conned out of the welfare system to finance additional properties, holidays abroad, cars, luxury lifestyles, send the money abroad etc, etc.

IMO: Anyone who is a genuine claimant should have nothing to fear.
Genuine claimants should have nothing to fear.

Unfortunately life doesn't work that way, and all too often the wrong ones are made to suffer.
Genuine claimants should have nothing to fear.

Unfortunately life doesn't work that way, and all too often the wrong ones are made to suffer.
And when it comes to disability benefit claimants, contrary to general public opinion fed by successive governments, the tabloids and programmes like Saints and Scroungers, the vast majority are genuine, the loss to fraud and error is 0.5%, and there are many who are entitled to benefits which they are not claiming.
In case Parsifal's point is missed, the official fraud figures include official error. That is, where someone has done everything they should but the DWP has made a mistake causing an overpayment. This too is counted as FRAUD.

It accounts for up to half of the overall figure touted as fraud in the media, and nobody questions it.

So if the fraud situation is as bad as the government says, why do they have to artificially inflate the figure?
Why do they have to artificially inflate the figures?

That's easy, it turns us all into frauds, gets the press to hound us, gets Joe Public to believe it and hey presto, the 'country' is all behind making us live in poverty to save a few quid that can be squandered on bailing out bankers Image
Pity they don't put as much effort in to catching the tax avoiders.
There have also been several cases of ID fraud within Local Authorities themselves. Who are investigating them? There have been several cases where officials have stolen into old people's homes and stolen bank details. They have then taken over the accounts and charged the person huge 'admin fees'. They often give the contract to private companies to administer the person's estate. Probably they get a kick-back from it.

The system has already been tightened up to prevent fraud. They deliberately make things intrusive and difficult for families to help their loved ones, in the hope that families melt away and do not help.

The only frauds are the Local authorities.
If there was no fraud,or fraudsters,such so-called "bounty hunters" would not be needed.The Fraudsters cause these problems.If your claiming benefit and your entitled to it,then you have nothing to fear.Tax avoidance is one issue,and needs to have loopholes closed,Fraud is another.In my view both need tackling.
If your claiming benefit and your entitled to it,then you have nothing to fear.
Try telling that to those who have been wrongly investigated. I get weary of seeing this meaningless cliché trotted out so often and in so many contexts in the comments sections of newspapers, etc. by people who clearly have not considered the psychological impact of being the wrongful subject of an investigation which is either part of a government programme which targets a specific area, for example, or the result of an anonymous, malicious allegation.

The cost of investigating benefit fraud far outweighs the money recovered or recoverable due to fraud, very few claimants who are investigated are found to have committed fraud, even fewer are prosecuted leading to a conviction.

Do we really want our taxes wasted in this way not to mention the human cost? I certainly do not, I would far prefer to see the government put as much effort into tackling tax fraud, including corporate tax fraud and avoidance, as they do in targeting benefit claimants, not least because the returns on the investment would be far greater. To use another cliché: what is good for the goose is good for the gander, n'est-ce pas?