Bots ? Reading Members Profiles ?

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Oh I agree BB. I was naive in the meaning of ' bots'! Unfortunately, big brother can get hold of us whether we like it or not. The 'you've had an accident,' ppi, insurance companies never heard of, all have a way of finding us don't they. Plus scammers if we are not careful. Not much we can do except be careful, block numbers if possible and put the answer phone on. The advantages of the internet far out way the disadvantages. Even when the email goes down, yet again, like mine today!!
Even when the email goes down, yet again, like mine today

Perhaps someone in Langley disagreed with what you were typing ....

Bots ?

Many uses .... that we know about !
Hi All,

To update, I've spoken to Alan this morning and he has sent the list of pages that we would like added to the no follow instructions in the robots.txt file so this will go through to the search engines who will add them to their lists in the next few days (could be more or less).

This should hopefully minimise the issue.

Thanks Nikki ... our bot will keep us informed.

Now , that phone call at 10.24 am , 56 seconds worth .... increased pressure on the keyboard also detected shortly afterwards ...