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Carers Radio : New Monthly Boadcast Starts Tonight ! - Carers UK Forum

Carers Radio : New Monthly Boadcast Starts Tonight !

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Pleased to see Tom and the gang trying to continue to provide a service over the years.

Deserves MORE support from us ... even a " Hi Tom " message through their email system would not go amiss.

Many would have given up aeons ago with the lack of support shown !!!

TONIGHT ... 8 PM ... available after that through their web site :


Don't forget ... if it wasn't for Carers Radio upto 2016 , NONE of us would have had a clue as to what went on at the Carers UK agm ... unless , of course , you were one of the few that attended ???
Well .... if you like 1930s style tv , coupled with a monotone presentation , then the last broadcast is just for you.

A common theme running through most broadcasts across the supporting social care section.

Unfortunately for them , any presentation has to be sold in 2018 ... made interesting so that viewers will stay with it , and not change channels after the first few minutes,

A point I made to Carers UK's chairman on his appearance , on this forum , in 2017 , concerning the range of videos , with CUK's name on them , available through You Tube.

Still , we do not have any say in anything anymore ... let them continue to do what they do ... provided , of course , we are not asked to pick up the tab !

Let them have their say ... very few are listening / watching.
Mmmm ... no sign of the October show , nor any news updates ?


Problems ?

I hope not ... little known but handy to have around ?

Exchanges with Tom have always been interesting over the years.

A ready made " Tv " outlet staring BOTH our supporting organisations in the face.

Too much to ask ALL to combine resources ... and step into the 21st. century ?
Mmmm ... show promised for this month , I will post more when announced.

Always has surprised me ... CUK / Carers Trust / Carers Radio.

Three separate organisations ... time to dismantle ... get rid of what's past it's sell by date ... reconstruct
with the good bits ... then launch as THE Carers Organisation ... ?

After all , isn't easing our OUR PLIGHT their sole reason for being in existence in the first place ?

Having a clear mandate from us to do whatever would also help ... known as democracy ?

Too simple and ... too political ???
Oh dear , today and tomorrow ... after that , kiss goodbye to January ... it won't be missed.

No broadcast available as I type.

2 strikes ... next one , you're out Carers Radio !

Either post an upgate on what's really happening over there or ... retire from cyberspace.

Once a fledging outit that COULD have made a real difference to us in CarerLand.

Now , taking on the same indifference as the other two outfits out there.

Why not ask US for help ... we're yer main audience ?

Still , you know best ,,, that's precisely why Carers Radio is still a fledgling.

Frightened to break free from that egg ???

Hoist that Jolly Roger and start to let the world know what's REALLY happening in CarerLand !!!
Just avoiding their third strike !

Twitter of all places to announce this one ... NOT on the web site :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont ... RgZYdS24ys

I'll be watching this shortly.

Child carers !

Only 1 in 20 child carers have had assessments under the provisions of the Care Act , 2014 !!!

160,000 recognised in England ... possibly 1 - 2 million revealed in the 2011 Census.

Everything geared to keep 'em caring ... at all costs ???

Good start ... and it gets " Better ! "

( Audio is bad ... tin cans and string ? )

I'll bear with it but will NOT comment further.

For you to decide as to the validity of the " Use " of child carers as primary carers ... kinship or family.

I'll say no more on that issue.

Everytime said issue has been raised in the past on various forums , said issue has turned into a bear pit of a thread.

Sorry Carers Radio ... you totally lost the plot with that one !!!

Others may have a different opinion.