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Poor quality health care - Learning disability campaign - Carers UK Forum

Poor quality health care - Learning disability campaign

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
I thought some of you may be interested in a new hard hitting report from Mencap. They are highlighting discrimination by NHS staff against people with learning disabilities, and that in extreme circumstances it has led to unnecessary deaths. It's shocking reading and again highlighting poor quality of health and social care.

The BBC news are reporting it here

And have an interview with carer Jane Kemp about her daughter Emma who died aged 26.

The Mencap report is here
http://www.mencap.org.uk/html/campaigns ... /index.asp

Hi Matt

Thanks for providing those links.

I had seen reports about it on the news today and was sadly not shocked to hear. This is something I would worry about with Mum needing hospital treatment. Previously when I have had to take Mum to hospital and know that she is acting out of sorts that there is something not right with her. I always get the feeling that they don't see beyond her condition. Because when Mum is in strange surroundings she would be non-responsive and become very agigated. On one occassion Mums sodium levels were so high I nearly lost her due to them delaying treatment, which resulted in Mum having to have special care for 10 days because they wouldn't listen to me when I first bought her in!

I'm glad that this is being bought out as everyone deserves the same treatment!

Take care M x
Hi Maryann: I came to the sad conclusion that when the elderly or infirm go into hospital the staff treat them like children, they talk down to people and basically neglect them because they can get away with it. As i said to david blunkett last year in a piece that i wrote for his column in the sun newspaper, my mother was put through hell when she was in hospital, and even when i was there they treated patients in a degrading way. People being told off because they could no longer wait for a commode, people begging for their medication as it was already late,my mother was even nearly given someone elses medication, the staff laughed it off and said never mind ,no harm done . If that is how they treat patients while visitors are there then goodness knows what happens when relatives are not about. I know a person who actually trains nurses and is involved in there education while training, and they say that the recruit of today believes that things like basic care are beneath them, they think that washing a patient and anything else like that should be done by ward orderlys. I believe that care in hospitals today has been allowed to develope into a farce, staff are untidy and slovenly, the old fashioned Matron was a figure of respect, and god forbid anyone who disobeyed them, they would be for the high jump.

Hi Maryann
I know what you mean how they just look at your Mum you know more than most on this site what my Pat as been through as friend's we have talked a lot about how we see thing's happening to our loved one's and we are trying to get them the best treatment we can but sometimes we are knocking our heads against the brick wall.
What with what happened to your mum and Pat nearly losing her life in hospital we begin to lose confidence in the hospital's neither your mum or Pat are elderly but they tend to think after a certain age that your are not as important as you were when younger.
I am worried at this moment for Pat because as you know Pat goes in hospital in 2 week's time the last time was when Pat nearly didnt come out after the dreaded MRSA.
When we was visiting our daughter in law last week in hospital the care for the older patients was diabolical.
Hello Tony

Welcome to the forum!

When my Mum needs to stay in hospital (touch wood- not)! I never leave her for a minute and if I need to I get someone to stay with her till my return. I make sure that I handle all her meds and I take care of all her personal needs other than treatment being received. I have no other choice due to the lack of care in previous years. There is no way I could ever trust the hospital and staff to look after my Mum, it only takes somone not paying attention! Thats how my Mum ended up in this way, neglience...only took 4 mins of loss of oxygen, so I'll never in a million years have trust in them!

Hope that your finding the forum helpful, glad to have you onboard!

Take care
M x

Hi John

I only know too well what Pat has been through and I shall be thinking of you both in your preparation for the hospital in the next 2 weeks. I hope that results are all good tomorrow.
Try not to worry too much Pat will be just fine and you know why?... Because she has you and that wonderful lovely family! I hope that your DIL is making good progress, only just heard today from your email. I shall email you later.

Thinking of you both & the family ...

Take care
Maryann x
I think the reports are shocking & sad - I can't believe that this kind of discrimination exists - it also makes me feel so angry! It's great that this issue is being highlighted and the public are informed of this bad practice - hopefully the campaign will help to eradicate this terrible type of discrimination, to the most vunerable members in society who need to have a voice. Surely they have the right to be treated with dignity and respect?
Can anyone tell me if the district nurses ever take the patients care notes away for the auditors to have a look at?
About 2 weeks ago Pat's (my sister) psychiatrist came to see her, and I was telling him about the nurses leaving the catheter in for 5 months it was painful For Pat and she had slight bleeding (it should only be in for 3 it was put in early October).

When I phoned up in January the nurse said it was changed in December and we're not coming out, they didn't come out until the beginning of March one of the nurses said the catheter had fallen out and was called back in December it didn't because I am the one who cares for her and it would be up to me to call them out.

Last week Pat's psychiatrist wrote a letter to our GP to complain about them, and the physiotherapist who we have been waiting to see for 12 months and told Pat to “Just keep wiggling your toesâ€Â
sheila, not that I'm cynical or anything, but I think I'd have asked for the auditor to come out and look at it - after all, the file shouldn't leave your mum as it has all her care details in.
Sheila ----me thinks there is a cover-up taking place!!!!
And our district nurses insist on changing my wifes catheter every three WEEKS??????
Hi Charles / ken I didn't even know that auditors looked at care files. It was only when she went I said to my Dad I think they will change the files. It’s a bit funny just after Pat's psychiatrist complaining.

We have had no help from our doctors at all since Pat came out of hospital last March. Our Doctors had arranged for Pat's psychiatrist to make a full assessment of her mental health with the view of putting her into a home without seeing her or asking my parents both in their 80s or me first.