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BBC News - Carers and depression - POLL - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

BBC News - Carers and depression - POLL

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
I am also a registered carer with my GP, 7 years ago when we lost Mum my Sister and I became the chosen ones keeping an eye on our Brother who has mental health problems, I took in the form to the GP and the receptionist looked at me like I was mad!
She had no clue what it was.
I have since filled in the same form with regards to Hubs, the receptionist this time knew what it meant, but still even though on paper I care for 2 adults, I have never had a call up from the GP as to my wellbeing.
I heard this on news yesterday and I'll be surprised too if it actually happens.
Anyway, I thought the Carers Assessment was meant to help carers access any help they need. I had one done last year and have never seen the paperwork yet nor been contacted by social services.

This was despite crying my eyes out the whole time the SW was here and her telling me all sorts of things which might help and which they could provide. I've never had a thing or even an offer yet.
On merging a few duplicate threads we lost a poll. This one now been amended to include it. If you voted previously you will need do so again.

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I still care for love and caring for my oh is not a burden, though dealing with bureaucracy is!
the so called carers assessment tells the carer what they may need but it does not mean the council or whoever will pay for it.......we all care for love but it is a burden is it not ......
To me, caring is a delight and not a chore. And it also helps keep me fit: my son needs someone to accompany him ski-ing and in other outdoor sports activities, and we have been many times this winter, mostly paid for through his personal budget, thanks to our social work department. We are off again tomorrow evening for a club night session run by Disability Snowsport UK: they have secured a very good rate that keeps it entirely affordable and carers go free.
I can't emphasis enough the value of a disabled persons/carers joint assessment: another benefit is that it enables me to go out to work p/t because we employ PAs to take my son to the cinema and theatre etc when I am out at work. It is currently also paying for his driving lessons. He may never qualify for his test, but that isn't the point, he is on the open road and developing new skills and confidence.
Sorry, I can't quite see the point of this poll, very limited options too.

Who and what is it for? Image
Sorry, I can't quite see the point of this poll, very limited options too.

Who and what is it for? Image
No reason for the poll other than to see if carers have seen any difference in the way they are treat by GPs now and previously. It is only for members here, as some were curious to know what services were like in other areas.
I didn't even know you could register with your GP as a carer! They know I am my mum's carer as I attend all her appointments with her, and sort out her meds etc. Like Juneo, if I want an appointment for myself I have to do a stand-up presentation to the receptionist to get one. I feel I get no support whatsoever from my GP. They are very good for my mum though, it would be a lot worse if they didn't see her!
No point hoarding Paracetamol, it is probably the worst and most painful method of ending it all ever invented: survivors tend to last months in constant pain in an intensive care unit whilst their liver gradually packs up. If anyone is planning to top themselves, at least do it properly. I won't divulge any more, (the Mods would batter me!) but there are plenty of good websites out there if anyone needs to find them.

Back to the topic:
Has GP experience for YOUR health as a carer over last few years
This doesn't actually make any sense at all. Could it be rephrased, please?