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BBC News - Carers and depression - POLL - Carers UK Forum

BBC News - Carers and depression - POLL

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.

Interesting - the chance of actually getting an appointment sometime this decade at my GP's surgery is slim, let alone getting this kind of support!
Radio Solent has just said that a report buy the ?Royal College of Physicians says that carers should be offered regular appointments with their GP's to assess their mental health, as 40% of carers suffer from depression. It's also been suggested that each surgery has a Carer's Champion. Can someone do a link please? I went to my GP, when I realised I was comfort eating (at least 4 stone over my ideal weight now). His response was two words Eat Less. When I complained, the Practice Manager and the GP tried to get rid of me from the practice, where I'd been a patient for 45 years. So I'd like to get a copy of this report and send it to them!
Ah yes, mental health indeed. This kind of thing does make me laugh BB, it smacks of more tick-boxing exercises.

I have had depression and anxiety issues all my life anyway and have always been as pro-active as I possibly can be in keeping myself "stable", I firmly believe that if we expect the health care professionals to be able to "cure" it without addressing it ourselves, we will come a cropper. Having said all that, even if one is diagnosed as one of the 40% (where do they get these figures?), what then? I haven't got a problem with medication when necessary as it can make life liveable and let those who need it, function relatively normally.

But there needs to be access to other things, therapies for those who require them to work in conjunction with meds - at present there is usually a waiting list of months.

I am an optimist but from my own experience, being registered as a carer with my practice made no difference whatsoever. None. Like so many things (including diabetes), practices receive money for providing services, many of which fall short.

Mental health is always near the bottom of the pile anyway so I can't foresee much change.
Hiya LB Image

I didn't see your post but have just written a reply to BB here viewtopic.php?f=38&t=22006, you are both obviously talking about the same thing.

Looks like we kind of feel the same way about it!
I've obviously had a different experience. My GP sees me every month or two to check the next stage of my caring journey and update my AD prescription. I've also had a course of counselling. Mind you, I've always rated the surgery that I go to and am happy to see any of the GPs there.
I heard this item on R4 just now and, not surprisingly, it's been suggested as cost cutting exercise. Seems that someone's worked out that carers are cheaper than other forms of care! Image
It would be nice to think that this might actually happen , but with my sensible head on, i doubt it . Hope its not just more (hot air ) because as we are the invisible army we just get on with it , or maybe im just a pessamist.What really annoys me with our Gps surgery is that you have to explain to reception why i need to see Dr, surely thats private Image
It is juneo and you DO NOT have to explain to any "Tom,Dick or Harry" (sorry I meant receptionist) of why you need to see the doctor. From personal experience many years ago I had a very nasty situation whereby I had consulted my Doctor on a very personal matter only to be asked in the local town, by an acquaintance, if my ?? was getting better. The receptionist had been gossiping and I had a very angry appointment with the then Doctor. I tell the NEW receptionist "I need to see a medic and DO NOT wish to discuss why with anyone but him or her just make me the appointment please" - I have had many situations where I feel I have been put to the back of the queue due to my lack of what they see as assistance but proving that is another matter. I do feel that this new proposed legislation will yet again be "hot air blowing", from what I see the GP's complain that they are overstretched and can't wait to get you out of the consultation room quick enough. I see no other alternative but to remain the invisible army and just keep treading the glue in the hope that it will make us stronger. I too am about 2 stones overweight due to comfort eating BB when I finally get home and sit on our own sofa watching the TV, I know what I'm doing but just keep doing it. I sometimes wonder if it is indeed a form of self abuse. I certainly know I am depressed I have no interest or inclination to do anything for myself but our GP is Sri Lankan and tells me in his country families have no choice but to look after each other, he is lovely and very helpful but I fear sees this caring stuff as a duty rather than a chore - I wonder how he will feel if he is ever in our situation, guess it will be left to the ladies of the family hey Image) xxx
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Nobody ever asked how I was, from the medical profession. When hubby came out of hospital (twice last year for instance), nobody asked me whether I'd be able to cope and look after him with his newly found deteriorations on both occasions.
Friend's hubby comes home today after his hip operation on Wednesday, nobody has asked her if she'll be all right helping him or has given her guidance on HOW to look after him. In fact, when we both visited yesterday, it was me showing her how to lift his leg into the bed and slide it across. The most the physios did was ask her to measure the height of the lounge chair he'd be sitting in at home, that's all! How will she be able to help him up the stairs to bed, when he is on 2 crutches for instance?
I felt so upset when nobody asked about my coping - and we? have an easy living bungalow.
I see my gp either fortnightly or weekly and never have to get passed receptionist to see my gp mh is at the bottom of the pile but my gp is supportive