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BBC - Dementia relatives 'admit abuse' - Carers UK Forum

BBC - Dementia relatives 'admit abuse'

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Article posted by BBC News online today:

This is also reported in the Guardian:

http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2009/ ... e-dementia

I think that it is important to remember that abuse in the context of the No Secrets Guidance is so widely defined as to include any show of frustration, a raised voice for example, and that "vulnerable" is also extremely widely defined so that, although this report relates to Alzheimer's sufferers, many of us under the guidance could equally be deemed to have "abused" those we care for.
And don't forget that carers also count as vulnerable adults.
As a disabled adult and therefore deemed to be vulnerable, something I would hotly dispute, and also a carer of my husband who is also deemed to be vulnerable, I have often wondered when we have the arguments which married couples have from time to time who would be deemed to abusing who Image .

And this is the problem with having too widely defined definitions, they are all-encompassing and divert attention away from the real issues and the real perpetrators and I think that the issues are more to do with lack of support than intent to harm and that there are very few carers who genuinely set out to abuse, harm or gain financially from those they care for.
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i have not read much of the info available but if it protects the elderly / disabled it`s ok by me, however i dont think we will have any care / rest home working in the future, my experiences with care / rest homes proved to me only one thing they are in it for the money the staff i came into contact had very little sympathy for the elderly with dementia / alzheimers lets hope we have the powers that be keeping an eye on the goings on within care/rest homes .i do hope the relatives of elderly /disabled report everything to the authorities and bring to book those who have abused the elderly/disabled within the rest /care home environment.