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AYRSHIRE special needs school closing - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

AYRSHIRE special needs school closing

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What is easily forgotten because the closure of special schools has been going on for so long is that many provided addtional services, for example, physio, speech therapy, etc., when the special schools were closed these services were not replaced in mainstream leaving many more severely disabled children without the specialist services which they required.

Surely it is not a case of special needs versus mainstream but a case of providing the most appropriate schooling for the individual child, i.e. making sure that there is sufficient mainstream and special needs education available to meet the widely differing needs of children with disabilities, parents should neither have to fight for special needs education nor for inclusion in mainstream, the system should ensure that appropriate schooling is available for all children.
On the money there Annie, both my children attend special school but there really is no reason why my oldest should not have managed mainstream. The reason he had to go to special school was because for the most part he was totally ignored by the teachers and bullied by the other kids in mainstream. In all my years I have never met such unprofessional people as the teachers I dealt with in schools.
I would like to add though that special school has also been rubbish and failed both my kids entirely, they are there because they have to be.
I have a further comment on Charles post about the friendship bench, one of my friends son attended a school that had a friendship tree, her son was forever under the tree, the idea was that children would approach the isolated kid and befriend him, it never happened and the boy spent most of his school days feeling like a total failure, it made everything 100 times worse.
the school i mentioned about closing children would not have been able to cope with mainstream school from what i could see in the article on the tele.
i am a special needs support assistant in a special school have been for 19 years so know a bit about it.i am also the parent of a 36 year old man with severe learning disibilities,severe epilepsy,no speech,cerebral palsy.NEAD.,so know it from both sides.
a big part of my job for 8 years was inclusion.there were cases when it worked well but in a lot of the cases it didnt work due to no resourses orlack of training in the teacherspart or sheer discrimination.
my own son would never have coped with mainsteam as he is only around 2 mentally. he was at the school i work in now but couldnt cope with even that and was transferred to the local hospitial school.