Very interesting article , well researched , on carers , both an abridged history and our place in the bigger picture including an European perspective.

An edited abstract from a full article from a quarterly edition of a journal published by The Institute of
Public Policy Research ( IPPR )

Sue Yeandle is professor of sociology and director of the Centre for International Research on Care, Labour and Equalities, University of Sheffield. She is editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Care and Caring (launching 2017). ... its-carers

Just one quote as an appetitiser.
The UK will soon have 7 million carers, representing some 12% its people, who provide the vast majority of the care needed by sick and disabled people outside hospital. In England, real-terms spending on social care has fallen by £770 million since 2010, and local authority-arranged home care is in decline: between 2011 and 2014 the number of home care clients fell by over 13 per cent. Carers’ growing and unpaid contributions to our system of care and support are now worth £132 billion a year, almost double their value in 2001. That’s equal to the cost of the NHS and four times what local authorities spend on social care.
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