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Autumn Statement - Carers UK Forum

Autumn Statement

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Sound of snoring ..... did I miss something momentous ?

Okay . perhaps I should I left the first posting intact ? Slightly more amusing than what has just finished ?

Wentwood Woodhouse in Rotherham ? More time spent on it than on the disabled / elderly / carers. Perhaps someone close had just purchased shares in the management company ?

Pensioner poverty ? Now at it's lowest ever figure. Is it ? Changed the criteria again to meet whatever target is demned to be acceptable ?

Universal credit taper down from 65% to 63%. Those carers in receipt of UC are better able to answer that one.

In contrast , Carers Allownce taper remains at nil. Ignoring Scally's excellent advice elsewhere on the Forum , a 1p over and one looses all CA still in force ?

Child care ? Always like this one , even going back to CarerWatch days.

Why the discrimination ? What about parent care ? Well , once apon a time , there were residential day care centres like the one my mother used to visit , and meet people other than a nurse or me. Sadly , most are no longer open. Those that are charge more than one's weekly Carers Pittance just for a few hours.

Retail energy and letting agents fees ? Good news for those of us using energy and / or renting. Bad news ? Both are run by private enterprises. Loose a 1p here , gain a 1p elsewhere has always been the way.

Personel Income Tax Rate ? What about those of us , not on state pensions , who earn through works pensions drawndown years early in order to survive during caring days only to find out later that they are too high to qualify for any form of benefit but , too low for income tax to kick in ?

In all , a damp squid.

A bit like the structure of the Voice ? Those at the top are pleased , no rise in the 40% income tax rate. For the peasants at the bottom , relief that an " Entrance Fee " will not be imposed on foodbanks.

Investment ! Investment ! Investment !

Shades of Blair's Education ! Education ! Education !

Me thinks , don't need a crucifix with that one , more a moose ? My spelling again ... bad isn't it ?

How about some investment in the people ? Like ensuring they have the means to keep a roof over their heads , heat their homes , enough to eat more than once daily , being able to afford transport to a gp and / or hospital ?

Now , I'll keep an eye out for anything on the horizon that wasn't part of the AS.
One reaction worth quoting.

Lord Porter, chairman of the Local Government Association :
Councils, the NHS, charities and care providers have been clear about the desperate need for the Chancellor to take action to tackle the funding crisis in social care. It is unacceptable that this has not been addressed in the Autumn Statement. The Government must take urgent action to properly fund social care if councils are to stand any chance of protecting the services which care for the elderly and vulnerable. Services supporting our elderly and vulnerable are at breaking point now.
Echoed by just how many millions ..... ?

I hope that this is an honest statement.

Without a Government hand out , how many gold plated pension schemes would be in mortal danger of collapsing and / or former LA employees facing cutbacks in the pensions ?

One or two of the Monty Python type handshake brigade in the same Lodge been complaining ?

Just asking .... one never can tell from innocent sounding statements made by those at the top ?

Ask a question by all means , it's what you do with the answer that counts !

" What's the forecast for the weather tomorrow. Think I'll need an umbrella ? "

" Definately. Same as today ... wet. "

Choice of two tomorrow in the 3.30 .... and one prefers soft ground.
On the question of a cut or no cut in any benefits , the following article attempts to see through extremely muddy waters :

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 33456.html

Bottom line ? Appears already announced cuts will still go ahead.

More news on this aspect probably under yet another Thread as and when.

Having said that , for some expecting flooding , sandbags are the order of the day.

With these proposed cuts , it will be a tsunami as far as their lives are concerned.
The following morning.

Several reports around criticising the Chancellor for omitting details on possible changes in funding for the NHS and Social Care.

Suffice to say , it appears that current funding levels already announced are unaffected , no new monies to be injected.

To us , the Chancellor appears to be Nero while Rome continues to burn. His decision , not ours.

No doubt , the number of NHS and Social Care reports will continue. Hopefully , it will not be crisis after crisis being reported for all our sakes.

For some , a harsh winter in line with forecasts may be their last memory of life.

How many casaulties are acceptable General before you declare the objective reached ?

Objective ? Human lives ?

This isn't a war ... no bullets / guns / armies ... then why do we feel that one is raging and directed at our most vunerable ????????????
Nice to read the Voice's reponse to the AS.

Carers ! Carers ! Carers !

No mention of our carees.

No caree , no need for a carer .... a partnership.

Perhaps carers / carees alike as opposed to just carers ?

Are there any carers other than former carers without a caree ? Not one in 6 million+ of us ?

Those from CarerWatch days will recall the volume of threads and postings on this one.

My view ... and I'm sticking to it no matter what !!!

Parthership problems require partnership solutions .... period.

No good celebrating if the Chancellor doubled Carers Allowance yesterday at the cost to our carees through reduced benefits ... leaving the partnership with the same income but now dispersed differently ... and possibly less if taxation considerations are taken into account.

In the social care sector , it's the whole picture that matters , not just a piece of it.
Carers UK is constituted to support, and to campaign for, carers. They can't legally campaign for anyone else. Hence the strong statement in support of carers: bearing in mind that cuts to services for people needing care means that the carer carries the extra work.
Agreed ... as we did so back in the days of CarerWatch.

To me , that's part of the problem facing carers and carees alike.

Touched apon by expanding from CarerWatch under the thread elsewhere on the forum ... Umbrella Organisations. A conferederation of supporting organisations with a common goal with the Centre co-ordinating and providing resources to all ... each retaining it's niche but , for the first time , working
together , cross feritizing each other , maximising the limited resources available to each.

Carers Radio ? A jewel in an otherwise spartan crown.

Unutilized but ... just imagine it's potential throughout all supporting organisations ? Even on a lend lease type arrangement so that it's costs are shared ?

Lawyers ? Beyond the resources of most organisations but , cost shared amongst all confederation members either collectively , or deferred within a banking type arrangement ... some in credit , some in debit , net balance to be in credit ?

The potential throughout all supporting organisations is there. It just needs to be unleashed for the common good.

Joint problems require joint solutions.

Individual supporting organisations looking after their piece of the picture are not seeing the whole picture. As an extreme example , the hyperthetical doubling of Carers Allowance mentioned earlier.

For carers alone , great news. For our carees , disastrous.

Something all carer supporting organisations have been seeking for decades. While they , and us , celebrate , what is the reaction from the supporting organisations for our carees ?

What is needed are policies to deal with the whole picture ... carers and carees alike ... the partnership.

And that can only be achieved through evolution ... and not stagnation.

Society has evolved , time for the supporting organisations to do the same.

For the Voice itself , the advantages outweigh any disadvantages.

It retains it's structure , it's place , it's independance , it's niche. No change there.

It gains outside expertise , cost savings in operations , unlimited access to information , ability to expand with others who may have the infra structure , and ... a greater voice within the social care sector !

And , if the Voice wins , by inference , so do carers.
More on the reaction to the AS and social care in particular.

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 36006.html

If nothing else , the comments made in the body of the article by Tory party officials are worthy of being read.

Many of us have already battened down the hatches. Still nothing to stop or divert the tsunami on it's way.
Yet more reaction including more concerns for social care.


Dovetails into others mentioned earler , but this one looks more into the bigger picture.

Comments section at the bottom. Few as I type but early days as the article is only 10 minutes old.
More in depth article on the state of social care , and the missed opportunity presented by the
Autumn Statement.

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... ocial-care

Suffice to say, interesting and also dovetails into others already available on this Thread.