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ATOS tatic's

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No disrespect intended George but you make a lot of assumptions..do you think you are party to some kind of secret information that nobody knows about?

You don't know for sure what is going to happen any more than the rest of us do..I hate all this "worse nightmare" stuff. I knew a real ray of sunshine that used to complain about the New World Order..said there was nothing we could do about any of it. Maybe not but I refuse to believe that we can't change anything, if I thought like that I would have given up my battles a long time ago.

I won on my daughter's behalf against ATOS. I know that many don't and I think that ATOS are lying, despicable scum hand in hand with a governement that wants everyone in work, regardless of their capability.
But please don't say that people can't win because they can, I would hate for people turned down not to appeal because they thought they had no chance of winning so why even try - to me that really is a nightmare.
I won against ATOS too. I've already lived through my worst nightmare, and another worse still, but I'm still here, still smiling in the face of adversity. Mind you when a counsellor asks you, with a tear in his eye, how you are managing to remain smiling, it does make you wonder if you should give up!? I can't help being positive and optimistic most of the time, it's the way I'm made. I'm lucky to be here at all, only thanks to the skill of a surgeon, so I'm going to do my very best to enjoy every day I have been granted. Pessimists not welcome in my world.

No, I don`t go in for anything like you have written above, what is "New World Order" ?. I only state what is going on and see everyday the way things are going, why should I not make assumptions based on that and look for an answer!.

"But please don't say that people can't win because they can"

Where did I say they couldn`t ?. I only linked to "The Herald" newspaper if you meant that appeals are put into an "appeals roundabout" and "people can't win", so I would refer you to "The Herald" newspaper on that one.

"do you think you are party to some kind of secret information that nobody knows about?"

I only linked to a well known and respected site that has over a number of years been proven to be extremely accurate in its predictions. So why should you say that ?. I also think what they write to be the case. Still, we should soon enough find out, as the old saying goes "Time will tell".
Unfortunately the DVLA would not refund the car tax which I'd been forced to pay for - 3 months in total. When the free car tax scheme was introduced for historic vehicles built before 1973, they refunded the tax when the vehicles were reclassified (we have a few oldies). I find it difficult to understand why they could make refunds under those circumstances, but not for disabled people! I did query the refusal, to no avail.
Annoyed with myself for not remembering who said it, I asked google, and discovered that variations on the general theme go back to the 1800's. Mahatma Gandhi also used a version. Interesting that it goes back much much further than the Welfare State. Times may change but the basic principles should remain the same. The current government don't seem to understand that some people can't do things that others take for granted - despite being headed by a man whose son had a very serious disability! I just wish that disabled people were not constantly pushed this way and then that by successive governments trying to score points.
Oh well, there is something to be said for having a life-long untreatable and/or progressive condition after all, at least you do not have to run the Atos gauntlet or lose car tax exemption during appeals if you are awarded DLA for life, time your birth right and you might even avoid the transfer to PIP Image Image .

When my son was 16, his benefits were reviewed, as part of the transition from childhood, so adult benefits to be calculated, payable at 16. It took ages to get them all sorted out and when DLA was awarded for life, I was so very relieved.
I recently queried what was going to happen to people like my son who had been awarded DLA for life, when the new benefit was phased in? I found out to my dismay that it's not going to mean anything at all, he's still going to have to have a review to see if he'll be entitled to the new one. He still has severe learning difficulties and can't read and write, but whether that will mean anything at all, only time will tell!
I'm aware of appeals that were started over a year ago with no panel date in sight.

I'm aware that much of the help that has been available to people fighting their loss of benefits has been cut by this government and by local councils

I'm aware of the appeals roundabout that some people go through. I'm also aware that some people do win and don't go through it all again. It all seems very random as to who does or doesn't get it.

I'm aware of some of the questionable press releases from the DWP.

Hard to fight it but no reason not to.