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ATOS tatic's

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Back to the topic of ATOS and their medicals.

For those that have been turned down or those who have been placed in the incorrect group-you are entitled to a copy of the medical report, regardless of who did the medical, a doctor or a nurse.
I will say it is comprehensive but is generally set out in a straightforward manner..it's the size that is offputting. These reports are often inaccurate and sometimes there are just barefaced lies, by reading through a section at a time it is clear to see where the errors lie and what needs to be included in an appeal.

I appealed after my daughter was put in the work related activities group, it took 6 months of attempting to bash my way through many bureaucratical brick walls before I got the news that we had won the appeal.

The CAB I went to in Lambeth were completely unhelpful, the worker I saw thought I was talking about EMA, the allowance paid to those who choose to stay on in further education. She knew nothing about ESA and asked me why I was bothering to appeal.

So I did it on my own, totally do-able for some who are not phased by the size of the document but for others who are I hope they get better help than I did.

Always get a copy of the medical report then rip the beggars to shreds. Good luck to anyone who takes them on, you can do it!
Sorry guys, see my supposedly serious thread thingy about abbreviations. Could you please tell me what ATOS stands for? Then I'd understand what you're problems are and what you're on about.
Here they are Fran. http://www.atoshealthcare.com/

A more horrible bunch you could not wish to meet, they really are something else. Here is what they do, http://www.atoshealthcare.com/index.php ... Itemid=294 the whole setup is disgusting. Image
When I had my DLA review, ATOS were the organisation contracted by the DWP to do medical assessment. It was all a bit confusing at the time because I had the letter from ATOS giving me an appointment before I'd had a letter from the DLA Unit telling me that they'd asked their doctor to do an assessment. I don't think they even said that the doctor was from ATOS! Rightly or wrongly, I had the distinct impression that the doctor was retired trying to make a fast buck. Sorry, don't know what ATOS stands for, but I bet someone here can think of some alternative interpretations?!
I'm not bothered what it really stands for. I was trying to get someone to think of some DIFFERENT words which describe them. I'm never very good at funny things,so I'm always impressed by the better offerings of others. The best I can do this morning is "Always The Optimum Service" (?!?!) so the first letter of each word ends up as ATOS. Any ideas?
personally I'd change Optimum to Odious Image Image Image
Attacks Those On Sick?
(Allegedly, Theoretically, Ostensibly, Seemingly)
Thank you, now I understand.
A bit like Accuro who have been asked to take on the budgets of continuing health care people instead of the NHS.
Hi Charles, Very good. Certainly sums up my experience of them.
Hows about...

Always Tests Our Sanity???