Any Members / Posters On Prepayment Meters ?

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More questions being asked.

No excuse for the source , a real bastion for those prefering deep red , not red or any other shade of red , but , on rare occasions , have something worthy to report for thoses in ordinary red and / or black , and occasionly red with a green stripe. ... el-poverty

Hopefully , NO readers are on those dreaded prepayment meters that first pass through the Landlord's meter ?

Those tend to go round like a catherine wheel when switching just one light on. For some , just putting the kettle on , and the meter is just a blur. Turn on another light and .... 999 fire brigade , hoping that the nearest station still open wull reach you in under a day ?
Some help / grants available for those with energy related problems. ... rgy-bills/

Very little out there for those renting with similar problems.

Some may not even know if their supply passes through the Landlord's meter first.

Always tricky given the landlord and tenant relationship.

What are their rights are in that event ? Local CAB will be able to help.

I will keep searching to find some answers.
At last , some guidance for tenants where the landlord owns the prepayment meter ,
but the tenant pays for the supply direct. ... -re-tenant

Makes interesting reading for those renting.

Next link is for those whose rent includes a charge for energy levied by the landlord. ... or-energy/
Slight detour as we are all facing a cold couple of days.

Fact sheet provided by Age uk on helping with heating costs in pdf. format : ... ?dtrk=true

Pages 8 - 14 for help on the financial side.

In an ideal world , I would split this News section up into various sub sections so that any topic can be
more easily found.

Simples ?
As that thermometer hovers below 5C for the next few months ( Sun for 2 / 3 hours a day in my eerie ) , a timely reminder to all readers , with those mechanical catherine wheels known as prepayment meters , that help IS available out there.

Usual sources , and Trussells' energy scheme.

Need any further information ?

There may be some new sources out there ?

Just post or pm me , and I'll do the trawling.