Another fatuous speech by a politican about 'home care'

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When comparing " Caring " across Europe , a general trend is for the Catholic / East European countries to take caring " In house " and .... without tempting another poster on this thread ... those caring duties are mainly undertaken by female family members ... as if that is " The Way " for women in those countries .... drummed into them by both Church and State from an early age.

For an UK politician to take that point and expect the same " Duties " of family members in the UK is both wrong , and insulting !

In the UK , all carers and our carees have free will ... the choice of what they do within very restricted circumstances.

Somewhat idealistically , I have always argued for caring of the weakest to be a " Community " responsibility as opposed to being left to " The Family ".... parents / siblings.

What if there is no family ?

For many , especially when they become carers , it is usually family members who provide the biggest challenge in more ways than one.

For me , adding on my carer stretch , 26 years and counting since real family life and ... after being a carer , I don't miss their non contribution to my 10 year " Hour of need " in the slightest.
I think the government should also note that 'ethnic communities' (and eg, 'southern European countries') tend to have LARGE families, ie, multi-siblings, and if an elderly parent is 'shared out' between multiple siblings then the whole 'care at home' becomes FAR FAR FAR more manageable.

But our northern European small families don't fit that profile. And, if you thrown in siblings that are widely geographically separated (eg, a friend of mine has her MIL living two miles away - her husband's sibling lives 500 miles away!), then that problem is even more exacerbated.

let alone when a son/daughter lives way far from the parent anyway! There's a new poster here who lives 75 miles from her father and does a round trip EVERY DAY to look after him. Insane! (and quite unsustainable!) (Presumably the dad doesn't want to move closer to her family......)

And that, of course, as your post indicates, presupposes that siblings even WANT to help.................................