Another benefit cheat

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£53,000 over 7 years and only a suspended sentence :angry: :angry:
He was only given 15 months anyway. Disgusting.
We are too soft with criminals and they all laugh at us.
5 years in my book and serve the full term!

I watch 'Police Interceptors' at times and boggle at the many lenient sentences handed out.
An extra £ 6k a year ... 7 years ... 15 months as a guest of HM's prison service ... roof over one's head , no rent , no utility bills ... 3 meals a day ... no longer a choice of to heat or eat ... no more doing your own cooking / laundry ... almost guaranteed live footie without a riot starting ( No hotwiring to receive illegal broadcasts ) ... choice of meeting any relative as opposed to them barging in ... no more unexpected visits from the tallymen or baliffs ... even a bit of peace and quiet ( Solitary for 7 days ? ) ... use skills to be invaluable to the inhouse bookie and subsequent perks ... brush up one's skills in the use of potatoes , comes in useful at times , how to avoid blowing out half a wall / roof when brewing and adding a little seasoning ( Not too much , otherwise the enamel on your teeth is at risk ) ?

Cheaper than Travelodge ... and more comfy and cleaner than some ? Even beats some care homes !

For some , better accomodation and cheaper rent than provided by the local BTL landlord ... and , occasionly , social landlords ( 16th. floor has a nice view ... perhaps Grenfell Tower in the distance ... but ... when that lift's out of action ... again ... bit hard visiting the outside with a zimmer frame for company ? ).

Tempting ... especially for many pensioners ... and soon to be ones ... like me ?

Many already in " Prisons " of a different kind ... Age UK ... 800 - 900,000 ... that are known ... 1,500,000 best guestimate.

I agree with Albert ... 5 years + ... make it 10 ?

Benefit cheats are a plague on the genuine claimants ... £ 13 BILLION goes unclaimed each year to added insult to injury ... benefit fraud v. tax evasion ... only one winner by a county mile ... need to guess ?

For many , the temptation judged against the likely downside ... is too much.

The more complex a system is , the more ways to find holes in it.