Yes folks , confirmed.

Garden parties or demos galore ... take your pick.

Let the supporting organisations have their day ... selfies with so called celebs , names in the media ... meanwhile , in Carerland , we will continue to care as if WE had any alternative ???

As for donations , bear in mind that a minimum of 100,000 of our fellow comrades had to use a foodbank last year ... food for thought ( No pun intended ! ) ???

Awareness ?

Certainly help our own supporting organisations to be aware of the continuing struggle inside CarerLand.

Perhaps " Being rewarded " more apt ... in terms of finances and affordable support ... the two Acid Tests for the Carers Strategy ???

I might email my contact at Trussells ... extra ration during Carers Week for all carers with no option other than to visit a foodbank ???

Perhaps that will be the best publicity to come out of Carers Week ???

At least , it will be the most honest !!!

No trace so far of a Carers Day in the House ... if anyone spots anything , yell ... loudly.

Important for two Issues to be on the table ... 21 Hour Rule and Free Travel ... not much time for me to see my local mp ... provided I can get pass the bouncers ?

Would be " Odd " if the Carers Day " Debate " ... strange use of that word in this context ? ... is held BEFORE the forthcoming Green Paper on Social Care which will ... we can only assume ... mentions us and our continuing " Role " in saving the system from meltdown.

The words CART and HORSES spring to mind ... yet again.