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Alzheimer's Society Day of Action - June 20 - Carers UK Forum

Alzheimer's Society Day of Action - June 20

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
The Harlow Herald - Cost of care is unfair

On Friday, the Alzheimer's Society, on a national and local level, will be organising a day of action to highlight the unfairness of the current system of charging for social care.

The Alzheimer's Society has argued for many years that the current system for charging is unfair and discriminates against people with dementia. Thousands of people with dementia pay substantial amounts towards the essential care they need, often to keep them alive.

Dementia strikes at the heart of our abilities to maintain our personal care, to remember to eat and drink and remain continent. Yet, although the loss of these skills are direct symptoms of the illness, the current charging system penalises people with dementia, more than those with other conditions, as the majority of the care they receive is defined not as nursing care, but as social care, which is means tested.

Consequently, people with dementia are often the hardest hit by the charging system, primarily because the illness can last over many years and they need much more support from social care services.

On June 20, a number of families who are directly affected by the current charging policy will be meeting with Harlow MP Bill Rammell. We feel it is essential that Mr Rammell is aware of the injustice inherent in the current system.

The Government has agreed to review the current system by publishing a Green Paper setting out the options for reform and we would like Mr Rammell to represent the people of Harlow to his policy makers.

Dementia affects people from all kinds of backgrounds, including people on limited or moderate incomes. The Government Green Paper must provide the opportunity to deliver a new funding system that is fairer to all of us. The Government wishes to encourage everyone to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, yet people are financially penalised because they are ill.

This cannot be a feature of the fair and just society that we all want to be a part of.

If anyone has any experiences they would like us to relate to Mr Rammell, please contact us on 01279 418331.

Marion Howell, branch manager Harlow Alzheimer's Society

WORTHING'S MPs have thrown their backing behind a campaign to cut treatment charges for dementia sufferers
http://ukpress.google.com/article/ALeqM ... Uz9OM2Ajlw

Wife 'terrified' at care costs
3 hours ago

The wife of an RAF war hero who suffers from dementia has said she may be forced to sell their home to pay for his care due to a means tested health system.

Peter Oliver, 85, who fought in the Second World War, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in August 2006 and has been cared for ever since by his wife Jeannie.

Now she fears her husband may soon need full time care but as his needs are classed as "social care" it is means tested, rather than "health care", which is generally free on the NHS.

Mrs Oliver, 76, said the situation was "terrifying" because they did not have the savings to pay for full-time care.

"The price is frightening," she said. "I do not know what the future's going to hold for us.

"If Peter goes into full-time care we are talking about paying an arm and a leg and possibly losing our house."

Mrs Oliver, from Plymouth, Devon, plans to join a protest march on Friday in the city organised by the Alzheimer's Society.

Ian Sherriff, chairman of the society's Plymouth and district branch, said the march was in protest against people with dementia being "victimised" by the system.

He said: "The charging-for-care regime financially victimises people with dementia more than people with other illnesses because they often need more intense support from social care services."

People with savings of £22,250 or over, which can include capital in a house, get no state help with any costs in a care home, Mr Sherriff said.


What we see again and again is people with dementia having to pay for help that is classed as social care, despite it being a medical condition."
http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/site/scrip ... mentID=681

Alzheimer's Society is planning a major day of action on 20 June 2008 to protest against the current system of charging for care and improve access to high quality care services.

Our day of action is to highlight that thousands of people with dementia and their carers are unfairly charged for essential care they need as a result of a devastating medical condition.

On Friday 20 June 2008 we are asking supporters to:

Join local protest marches
Meet with their local MP
Write to their local MP
Why the day of action?
This campaign activity is planned to coincide with the publication of an Alzheimer's Society report on the impact of paying for care and to influence the Government Green (consultation) Paper on the issue which is due in October. We want the Green Paper to reflect the needs and concerns of people with dementia and their carers.

How can I get involved?
Join a march/activity
There are marches being organised by local branches of the Alzheimer's Society up and down the country and they want you to join them. Campaigning activities that have already been confirmed are listed below.

If you can attend, please get in touch with the branch directly for more information. If you cannot see your local area listed, please contact your local Alzheimer's Society branch to find out what they are planning.

Branch Information - please contact your branch for further information
Please find below a list of the branches that are planning activities:






Eden and Keswick





Plymouth and District branch


Tower Hamlets



We hope to see hundreds, if not thousands, of our supporters taking to the streets waving placards and shouting slogans about why this issue matters.

Meet with your local MP
Write to your MP to request a meeting with them on 20 June 2008 at their local office. It will be an important opportunity for you to explain how the current system of charging for care penalises people with dementia and how they can support the campaign.

Please download our guide to organising a meeting with your MP for advice on how to do this.

Write to your local MP

If you can't meet with your local MP, write to them to make sure they are aware of the issues.

Take a look at our Guide to Writing to your MP

Email your MP
Email your MP and call for a new care and support system that meets the needs of people with dementia.
Why are we campaigning?
Alzheimer's Society has argued that the current system of charging for care is unfair and discriminates against people with dementia. Thousands of people pay substantial amounts towards care that they need. This essential care, which is a lifeline to so many, includes help with washing, eating and using the toilet. The current system penalises people with dementia more than people with other conditions because the majority of the care they receive is classed as 'social care' and this is means tested.

Alzheimer's Society is campaigning for a new funding system that delivers a better deal for people with dementia and more fairly shares the cost of care between individuals and the state. It is also vital that any new system improves quality of care.

Find out more in our Background on Alzheimer's Society campaign to end the current system of charging for care - April 2008

If the Alzheimer's Society can do this why is CUK stalling on the carers protest?
If the Alzheimer's Society can do this why is CUK stalling on the carers protest?
you may well ask?, but don't expect a quick repsonse they are moving office today.

CUK are not the most militant or vocal of ''Charities'', for what ever reason as for number of people it represents it must surely be one of the largest,and with weight of numbers should be using that.
http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/Marche ... 4208828.jp

Carers and relatives of dementia sufferers marched through Portsmouth in a bid to improve the existing care system.

Dozens of people marched with placards through Guildhall Square yesterday to the far end of Commercial Road, chanting as they went

Theres a link to watch a video too.

MORE than 150 people with dementia yesterday joined their carers in a day of protest in Liverpool against the current system of charging for care.

The Alzheimer’s Society organised a city centre march, culminating in Williamson Square at lunchtime, as part of a nationwide day of action