George Osborne claims "We are all in this together" as he announces plans for savage cuts and pledges to freeze pay of four million public sector workers at Conservative conference 2009

Rarely have I posted any political orientated news in this section.

Politicians are no friends of carers.

That should be enshrinned in bold capitals for the benefit of any rookies joining the carer army.

For sixty thousand plus extras per year , I , too , could be anyone's friend ... for a few more grand , I might even show slightly more favour to certain friends ? Just smile , promise whatever , keep a list of excuses up your sleeve , and never ever say either " Yes " or " No " ... the odd " Maybe " allowed.

Kiss the occasional baby or two with the cameras around. Be very wary. Some learn pretty fast , and might show their reponse by deposting a donation allover your shirt / blouse ... tax free of course !

And , unlike the unfortunate baby nusing that experience , you can claim from the taxpayer the cost of having your shirt / blouse cleaned !

The are one or so odd exceptions , Bolsover is to the south west of Worksop , even it's own castle and beast feared by many who take liberties at our expense ?

The following article looks at the bigger picture , the effects of the continuing Government policy on income across all citizens , some measures taking 2 / 3 years before biting : ... et-changes

Some interesting observations together with the usual batch of comments at the end. Strip out the bias towards one political party or another and what's left would be a pretty fair reflection of opinion as the chasm between rich and poor continues to widen.

In CarerLand , our main concern is the increasing number of strands breaking in that safety net.

Time for a new safety net , reinforced , and further off the ground ?

Even an odd parachute to cushion one's fall ?