Homes of elderly should be used to fund social care, NHS CEO

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Pensioners’ homes should be used to fund social care instead of major tax rises on those of working age, the head of the NHS has said.

Simon Stevens said the “accumulated housing wealth” held by older generations should be used to pay for their care, saying they were in a “relatively advantaged position” compared to younger generations.

The comments to MPs are set to spark a fierce political debate about how to tackle a growing crisis in elderly care
read in full here and comments on that same link say it all really. ... head-says/

Bad enough having a post code lottery, but adding an age/property related system will be disastrous

That should go down very well in political circles ???

A nationalisation of private assets to fund the needs of the many ?

In many ways , deliberate Government policy over decades has led to this state of affairs in the first place !!!

Straight out of most ( Yellowing ) books from the Red Left aeons ago.

... and yet , it will certainly prick the ears of the Government , looking for a way to do anything with the millstone of social care beyond the OBVIOUS course of action ... recombine the NHS and social care , fund through general taxation ... from the cradle to the grave.

Watch out for those pathfinders ... media supporting the Government stirring up resentment against a pre selected target ... in this case , the elderly , so as to soften up Joe Public ahead of a draconian policy being launched !!!

Interesting times in political circles ... be a lot more " Interesting " if the Government follow through with proposals like this one ... and then face opposition from the Pink Left as to the " Morality " of such a policy.

The words POT / KETTLE / BLACK spring to mind ???