Direct from the Parliament UK site : ... carers.htm

Stated purpose of the group :

To promote awareness, knowledge, and understanding amongst Members of both Houses of the needs of unpaid carers.

Needs ?

Simple ... adequate remuneration and affordable support ?

If they are the focal point within the Houses , what part do they play in the forthcoming Carers Strategy ????

A couple of " Also rans " from the last committee ... usual mix of experienced and apprenticed jockeys ... none ever being placed let alone win any race ... perhaps a couple were superglued to their comfy chairs ?

For the real Sherlocks ... try HANSARDS ... type in CARERS ... add in name of jockey and ... hey presto , view the results for yourselves ... there aren't more than a handfull from the whole bunch !

Perhaps if all carers painted their faces green , it would attract the interest of one of the lady jockeys ???

As for the chairperson , a link to the report from the Carers Day " Debate " in the House , 2016 ... published previously , and worth a few minutes of any reader's time as to just what we are facing , in reality ... carers ? Or a newly discovered tribe ? ... 70#g1412.0

What is of interest ... contact details.

Direct email link to the Head Steward ... if a carer sent an email , probably standard reply back ... " Please observe protocol , and address your query through your local mp " ... so much for going direct ?

Public Enquiry Point ... Carers UK ???

What's going on here ?

Our supporting organisation " Shielding " the APCG from " Nasty " carers seeking answers ?

Raises a few interesting follow up questions ... does it not ???

Now an extension of Government , perhaps ?

How can ordinary carers get this Outfit working for us ?

Some of us have the misfortune of having a few of these jockeys as our mps !

" They work for YOU " ... famous phrase from the major portion of the HANSARD site.

Do they really ?

Could have fooled 6.5 million + carers , and the corresponding 6.5 million + carees !!!

As the late , great , W.C. Fields once said ... " There's a sucker born every minute ! "