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Disabled rights?

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Does anyone know or understand what was going on here?
Disabled Birmingham man to sue over nig ... m-36538475
Mrs Average, this is a new one to me and it looks confusingly written. No doubt if I try to make sense of it here I will be telling you what you already know. I looked for other versions but can't find any.

It looks as if he wanted to be cared for at home with 24-hour live-in carers, but the trust was unable to provide them (although his barrister said he actually had 24-hour care). I presume the trust then wanted to arrange for him to go into a home, although as he was only 25 he would presumably have the problems we read about here of there being no homes mainly for young people. I also presume he refused - and that these parts of the story have been omitted because it might be libellous, or because there simply was not enough information available.

The trust then had to get a court order to remove him from his home, allegedly for his own safety. That was an emergency order, so presumably it was given on the basis of superficial evidence and can be overturned after a more thorough hearing.
So he is suing the trust for depriving him of his liberty.

Does this help? We might be able to get the whole story when the court makes a decision and it's published.
Thanks Greta , one to watch with interest as it unfolds
Why on earth would they do it at 0100? For heaven's sake, if they had to do it, do it at a reasonable time of the day. It's not like they were arresting a drug dealer or murder suspect and it couldn't wait!
I agree, Emma, although we don't know the full story. They probably got the court order in the evening, after court sittings ended, and they must have decided to act at once. They say they were frightened there would be danger to his life, but of course they would say that to defend their action in the middle of the night!

There are more versions now (but newspaper reports are often inaccurate):
http://www.rugbyadvertiser.co.uk/news/r ... -1-7431944

http://www.careappointments.co.uk/care- ... -from-home

Greta (I hope I'm not posting as Penny like other people)