Government Carers Strategy-call for evidence UPTO 31st JULY

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Hi everyone,

I have been delving into Carers Allowance rules for my own case with earnings above £110 set limit.

I have come across this snippet this afternoon - it seems the Government are gathering opinion on caring.....more changes afoot I guess!!

Follow the link which then gives you another link to the survey. ... r-evidence

** Please Please Please, pass this on to as many as possible **


Thanks for bringing it to our attention Ash - I have spread the word in the MH circle in the East of Kent and completed it myself already :D
Not working for me in that I clicked on next at the bottom of page 1 and got a 'page unable to be displayed' message. Eh? Clicked on back arrow and found first two answers wiped. Tried twice. Same thing.
This seems very very important. Replies are due in June so please everyone take your time to put carefully considered responses.
Thanks Ashley for finding it.
Have completed and forward on.

Many thanks!
Thanks, I am submitting evidence separately as the surveys assumes you only care for one person.
And there are a few spelling/grammar errors!
You can email responses in too...

If you would like to submit a separate response, or if you have any questions about this call for evidence, please contact us at

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Thanks for this. Deadline to participate is now 31 July 2016
Thanks Alex, I'll amend the title of the thread.