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Age discrimination stinks - Carers UK Forum

Age discrimination stinks

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I am a social researcher: I interview ordinary people in their own homes for a living.
Today I interviewed a 72 year old widower, who works 40 hours a week as a self-employed tiler - he is physically fit and capable, so why not indeed - good for him.
Let's imagine that his wife was still alive, and disabled, and that he juggled work with care. I'm curious why the government would say that he could not be eligible for Carers Allowance, whilst I, a working man at the age of 61, am eligible for it?
I thought that we had an age discrimination act that means that we are all equal, regardless of age ... but apparently Carers Allowance is an exception. After 65 we are scuppered.
I'd like to know why Carers UK isn't fighting this crystal clear age discrimination much more vigorously.
Anyone over 65 can claim Carers Allowance, but if their pension is higher they won't get it due to a rule from 1910: the overlapping benefit rule. That was intended to prevent people from getting more than one relevant benefit.

The issue is partly about age discrimination, but also about whether the government is right to apply the overlapping rule to a non-contributary benefit.
The CA rules make absolutely no sense at all: they are ridiculous and unfit for purpose.
I claim carers allowance, and I am under retirement age
Today I earned about £60 in five hours, on government business, interviewing people in their homes.
(my wife works a 9-5 Monday to Friday so she was doing the caring on her days off work.
Ironically enough, she is a year over the retirement age (of 62 in her case), so if she did retire, she could not claim carers allowance. My own retirement age for State Pension is 65)

Tomorrow I will earn another £60, I expect, taking my weekly earnings before deductions to £120.
But because I have an occupational pension and therefore pay 20% tax on any earnings, I have only £100 left in my paypacket, taking me back below the £110 earnings threshold for CA, whilst someone of no other means - who really needs the money - doing exactly the same job, would not pay tax, and therefore would lose all their carers benefits , leaving them no better off for the days work.
(please note that I pay more in income tax than I get back in Carers Allowance, so I look at it as a tax credit, not a handout - please also note that I even pay 20% income tax on my Carers Allowance) :angry:
Who the heck made up this crazy system that penalises carers for working by applying a wholly arbitrary earnings threshold of £120 per week? It is making the poor carers even poorer by penalising them for working for money in their spare time and thereby contributing to the economy. And the Tories say that they are supporting 'hard working people' - but they have no idea how the rules really impact on people (expletive deleted) ???
Change must come... this can not survive. :woohoo: :evil:
The trouble is that civil servants are as far removed from reality as their political "masters".