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Access Problems For Carers Not Just UK Related

Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:25 am
by Chris From The Gulag
An interesting report from the Irish Times on problems encountered by carers trying to gain admission to a wildlife park : ... -1.3184147

Parents of children with disabilities were left “embarrassed, upset and humiliated” after identification cards giving them access to Fota Wildlife Park were rejected by staff.

The cards permit free or reduced rate entry for at least one carer at multiple attractions nationally and internationally including Tayto Park, Dublin Zoo and Disneyland Paris. However, some parents who attempted to use the cards at the wildlife park in Cork encountered resistance.

I am sure that many UK " Attractions " full foul of similar instances especially where carers receive no discount let alone free public transport accompaning their caree to whichever event ?

Be interesting to learn how many music festivals have " Special " arrangements given the profusion of such events over the years.

Bloodstock 2017 kicks off today , guidance for disabled guests seem to be somewhat stone age ?
Once you have purchased your festival ticket you must register for disabled/carer ticket and disabled parking if required. To do this please print off the Disabled Access Registration form HERE. Once you have filled it in, send it back to us with a photocopy of either your DLA letter or a letter from your doctor clearly confirming the need for the requests on your registration form. Both the registration form and proof of disability needs to be received together in order to be reviewed.

As for their carers .... ????

Any reader tried to push their caree in a wheelchair through the mud at one of these over the years ?

Pictures / videos of the mud at Woodstock back in '69 and Glastonbury over the years spring to mind.

If nothing else , the time for a " Carer's Card " is long overdue !

Several threads since 2004 on virtually all past and present carer / caree forums .... and still nothing beyond " Seems like a good idea. I wonder if someone else will take the initiative ? " type responses from ... guess who ?