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Abolish Carers allowance? - Carers UK Forum

Abolish Carers allowance?

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Abolish Carers allowance it is a benefit in name only, A total waste of time

To replace CA they should introduce a Carers component to DLA. To claim this you should meet the same conditions that you have to meet to receive CA now. All carers that are entitled to receive CA would receive DLA and be entitled to the Carers component.

The above would address a number of problems.

(1)The over lapping rule would cease to be a problem
(2)It would recognise the fact that our life's are affected by disability as much as the people we care for.
(3)Everyone that is entitled to CA would be financially better off and actually receiving a benefit
Hi Kev

That is a very interesting idea. Carers are carers because of disability by association, and your proposal would certainly recognise that. Carers Allowance was introduced in 1970's, it doesn;t relect modern Britain and it doesn't recognise the true value of carers. Our new campaign Real Change not Short Change is calling for a radical overhaul of carers' benefits and these are the kind of ideas and new thinking Carers UK wants to see from government. The new National Strategy for carers is an ideal chance for government to do this - we hope they take it.

This suggestion fails to accommodate those of us who get CA who's carees do not get DLA.

Doesn't it?
John, I thought the person you care for had to get either DLA or AA for you to qualify for Carer's Allowance?
iam in favour of anything that gets us more cash and help and support.
as long as they dont take into account earnings i have no savings at all but have a private works pension that stops me from claiming most benefits except carers allowance re council tax 25% if they meens test allowances people like me could end up worse off
mum gets AA as well that is how i have managed to get ca. could not get it befor this year. not fair. the dwp can never make there mind up. Image
Hubbie gets DLA at high care rate, and I get Carers allowance. It is my choice that the CA is paid into the same bank as his Pension Credit and DLA, but at least I had the freedom to decide for myself it was going into the general coffers or going into a personal bank account.

If CA is paid to the DLA or AA allowance receiver it is not actually going to the person who is entitled to it, and in some relationships that would cause even more financial hardship of the caree was alcoholic or a gambler for instance.

Take care
I too was told, Carers allowance is only payable where the Caree has middle or high rate care component of DLA or is in receipt of Attendance Allowance.

I think Kev's idea is sound and worth carersuk investigating further.
The Caree would have there own DLA and the Carer would be claiming there own DLA Carers component.

So it would be paid to the Carer and be there money not the carees, the carer would be receiving DLA.

DLA is not means tested so it will not be taking away if you claim anything else.