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AA/DLA possibly under threat- Benefits and Work site - Carers UK Forum

AA/DLA possibly under threat- Benefits and Work site

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Just now Carer Watch are contacting as many individuals/groups/organisations to ask them to clarify their position regarding the proposals in the Green Paper surrounding the disability benefits.Although at this time the proposals are pretty vague,it is still a great concern that this was even included in the Paper at all.
Anyways, one of the contacts made was a gentleman from Benefits and Works and his group have started this campaign today.


If you think that here at Benefits and Work we’re just being doom and gloom mongers and that only attendance allowance is really under threat then please consider this:

If we let them get away with this, if we all look the other way as one and a half million sick and disabled pensioners have their attendance allowance stolen from them and are plunged into deepest poverty, how long do you honestly think it will be before the government comes back to steal your benefits as well?

Please take time to read and sign if you are in agreement.
Why dont they cut child benefit and use the cash to pay foster carers and other organisations who care for children .
if the A.A. goes so does the carers allowance
if we LOST £500 per month we would have no option but to either place the old doll in care or take out an I.V.A. or even go bankrupt

the whole things a joke.

i was under the impression that the removal of the D.L.A , A.A & C.A. was to pay for the residential social care for the few who own their own homes and do not want to sell but still get residential social care if that is so how can the benfits that will be removed then go to social services to be returned to those or some of those who have just had the D.L.A. A.A. & C.A. withdrawn you cant spend the same money twice can you .
would you trust your L.A. to hand out the cash to those who need it i dont it will be means tested as well people like us with private pensions and war related pensions will get no help at all iam off to the bankruptcy courts .

can you believe any political party would put forward such a bill to remove benefits from the most vulnerable just 9 months before an election about 3/5 million pensioners and others will be at risk of being plunged into poverty overnight however GORDON BROWN is a clown he is being led by the nose he has no idea what is involved with the elderly and disabled and carers i strongly believe carers uk should be making statements about the propossed removal of benefits we as carers are very vulnerable people as we are often told we need help and support and to have the threat of our families being put under financial pressure is just one more thing for us to worry about NO WAY WOULD SOCIAL SERVICES EVER BE ABLE TO DISTRIBUTE THE BILLIONS OF POUNDS HANDED TO THEM IT IS FAR BETTER AND CHEAPER TO LEAVE THE BENEFITS AS THEY ARE WE ALL KNOW THE ONLY REASON FOR THE REMOVAL OF BENEFITS IS TO SAVE MONEY IT`S GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH TARGETING SERVICES IT`S JUST TO SAVE CASH END OF ARGUMENT .
Totally agree with you George.

Thanks for the link Rosemary. I've signed up to support their campaign Image
I have signed up as well, we would be lost without Sarahs DLA as it pays for her respite, extra things she needs etc
What about the millions of disabled children who would be plunged into poverty as well? and removing child benifit to hand over to foster carers would further penalise the families of disabled children.
Exactly redfang without Sarahs DLA she wouldnt be able to do her activities etc its all so wrong when there are people claiming it that are swinging the leg as we say here in Yorkshire
I have had an chat with a friend on MSN wherein she suggested this thread may be seen by some members as scaremongering.

As much as the issues in the Green Paper were extremely vague about AA/DLA, with everything else going on round us about benefits and care services,I really feel this needs be brought out in the open.However, the decision is yours.

I have other links to post but will hold back till tomorrow so members here can have their say.
if it weren't for the DLA we wouldn't be able to have the kia sedona we have which is the only car we could find that would fit our sons wheelchair in it, we'd be paying out taxi fares for a disabled access taxi to get around which would cost a flippin fortune
Believe me when i say " i'm scared !!!!" and that simply stems from knowing this flamin government has allowed something like this to be put into a bill when they know what carers and disabled people have to go through, gordon brown wants to come and live a year in our lives see how he likes it pompus prat.
Gordon Brown has a son with CF so he of all people should see things as they are!