Occasionly , the Social Care Mob ( SCM ) at the Guardian produce an article which is more of an opinion than a report.

Frances Ryan , leading goalscorer so far this season with 2 goals to her name with one assist , has found the net again with this one :

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfr ... ck-workshy

From the heading , take your pick , and place yer bet.

Many of the disabled affected by the cuts also have carers. As a partnership ( No caree ? no carer ! ) , the income coming in is reduced. If by too much , both the caree and the carer may wll be joining the increasing lines outside their local food bank amongst other " Gut retching " options.

Most readers should be thankfull that they are still holding onto a few strands of the safety net.

For many out there , there are no strands left.


SCM ? Always near to the top , play offs almost always achieved.

Cup record ? A couple of early round exits to lower league opposition , the Morning Star ( MS ) being the victors.

Why ? Not so much a disappointing performance on the day , more of unknowns taking advantage of a few chances coming there way.

Strange how the MS heroes were always actually disabled or caring for a disabled person.

Their first hand experience found the net whereas the SCM , third hand , always missing chances , sometimes even with an open goal at their mercy.

Our own supporting organisations ? Strictly middle of the table , with always a hint of being sucked into the relegation battle ?

Always very close to being crowned champions on the fewest yellow / red cards issued. If nothing else , their management are very strict when it comes to the FA guidelines.

Even the cameras were barred from the tradional derby match earlier this season.

Known by a traditional term borrowed from 1950s cricket ... Gentlemen v. Players. Hardly in the top ten of rivalries as the intensity has dropped off in recent encounters.

The " Other " team's derby ? Their derby was known as " Gentlemen v. A Combined XI " ... made up from butlers , chauffers and gardeners ... mere house servants and serfs excluded.

As for that " other " derby , little is known. Recent matches have always been played in secret as there were always fears that the traditional fighting on the pitch would spill over onto the terraces. Beforehand , a sea of black and white at one end , and white and black at the other.

For mere spectators , always difficult to tell each team apart as they wore the same colours , but in a different combination ?

Last three encounters all finished in 1-1 draws. Somewhat unique when when looks at the goalscorers , an own goal apiece on all three occasions !

Still , changes are on the way for both in their choice of away colours. Both have decided on grey ... but one strip is one shade of grey , where the other is not quite the same shade of grey. Supporters of both are rather bemused , especially when looking forward to next season's match , and both elect to play in their new away strips ?

I wonder which sponsors will feature on the shirts ? Having replaced the Royal Crest a couple of seasons ago , the odds on Rank have shortened for one team , what about the other ?

Any chances for promotion ?

Not the slightest ... unless they listen to their supporters who , from their postion on the terraces , can see the tactics are clearly not working.

Dwindling season by season , even the loyest supporters are having doubts. Even rumours of a hat being passed round with a message from the management at one of the teams ?

A new striker perhaps ? Main priority is the state of the pitch , and the bare patches. Sand ? Never a real answer , fresh grass seed as a temporary measure in the absence of laying a new pitch fit for the level they are currently playing ? Something virtually all supporters would actually agree on if asked in the first place ?

The view from the terraces is always clearer than at pitch level ... ?

Still , both are somewhat eclipsed by the team of the moment , Trussells. Non league just a few seasons ago , now challenging for a place in the Champions League this season. Sold out matches wherever they play , queues increasing at every match despite record numbers of new outlets across the country.

If there was a blueprint for success ( Or failure if I switch off from analogy mode ? ) , look no further !

The more their sponsors ( DWP ) take away from supporters everywhere , the more now flock towards Trussells ... simples ?