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a mass lobby of Parliament - Carers UK Forum

a mass lobby of Parliament

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
This alert just came through,just sorry it was not sooner in case anyone here was interested.

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Join us for the mass lobby]Families and friends of disabled people are not forced into poverty and lack of opportunities by the inadequacies of the current system;[/size]
All of us can enjoy security now and in the future without worrying that our independence will be lost.
When we experience disability, illness, or old age we should all be able to rely on a level of state support that allows us to maintain our independence. The current system simply cannot deliver. The result is dependency, poverty, and exclusion.
Things could be very different. Lord Ashley’s Independent Living Bill would create a system that is fit for the future – one we can all rely on. We are campaigning for the Bill to be enacted within the lifetime of this Parliament and for Government to invest in all our futures.

THE NEED FOR ACTION IS URGENT! How you can get involved:

Join the campaign. Membership is free and membership forms are available from policy@ncil.org.uk or click here to download a form.
Support the mass lobby of Parliament on October 17th
Lobby Members of Parliament to sign the Early Day Motion number 334 supporting the Independent Living Bill
Raise the campaign in meetings and any public events you may be holding
Use the campaign postcard to involve individuals in the campaign
Get your local community group, voluntary organisation, disabled people’s group, carers’ group, trade union branch involved in the campaign
Lobby local councillors to pass a motion to support the Bill
Identify funding and resources that could be used to support the work of the campaign
did anybody see anything in the media about this or was it overshadowed by other events in parliament?
I was invited to go to this lobby in London but it was the day after I gave my speech for carers, and it would have been too much for me to do, although I was still in London.
I actually met the man in charge, who I know very well, on the train down to London and we had a chat.
This was in the Eastern Evening news 19th October.
there was no link to the internet.
Ministers are losing the fight to make life easier for disabled people in Norwich, a city MP has warned.
Dr Ian Gibson, MP who welcomed a delegation of local disabled people in a mass lobby of parliament on Wednesday, said "I am aware that despite promises to live independently in the community, this has not happened and disabled people in Norfolk are finding it harder and harder to manage."
nothing, Mass Lobby and its not reported?, strange?
No matter what, the media decide what's newsworthy. How to get them interested (and take us seriously) is the tough part.