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A Decade Ago .... Any Changes Or Have Things Got Worse ?

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:36 pm
by Chris From The Gulag
An article from September 2008 on the Plight of carers : ... lexclusion
Is this any way to treat our nation of carers?

Professor Sue Yeandle, a sociologist at the University of Leeds, has been researching issues around carers for a decade and was a special adviser to the work and pensions select committtee. She says there are three 'penalties' for people who take on unpaid care. 'They become poor, their health deteroriates, and there is a tendency for them to become socially excluded,' she said.

'Stress and low-level depression from the isolation just gets worse when they are having to fight with the system.' People with disabled children are getting a particularly raw deal, she said. 'There are pockets of good practice in local authorities, but there are enormous problems in many authorities with them constantly looking to their budgets and resisting or misunderstanding what the law expects from them. Many are not carrying out their responsibilities in an acceptable way and I know that is recognised in central government.

'But actually there are quite a lot of things that would make a huge difference to the lives of carers that are not at all massively expensive. Simplifying the system and simplfying access to information are absolutely key. My personal opinion is that we are moving in the right direction of travel with legislation, but I do have concerns about the implementation and the speed of change.'

This one is worthy of being posted as one , occasionly , has to revisit the past to understand the present.

The comments section is to be recommended if only for the views expressed ... same views as per today , or even stronger given the effects of Austerity ?

Time in CarerLand virtually disappears for many , one never knows in advance when one is needed.

As for " Change " , that is a concept virtually unknown in our world.

Feel free to saver the article , and the world outside for you as it is some 10 years on.