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450,000 disabled people to lose out - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

450,000 disabled people to lose out

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Hi if the government have their way they will also stop all carers allowance. After all people who live abroad have to rely on their family to care for relatives. I really think we are all in for real troubles ahead. regards amandah
Sir Douglas Bader who as a double amputee flew Spitfires in WW2. So what? How many have followed?
Few have followed.
Mainly because the welfare benefits system stopped them.

Welfare benefits, as currently organised, actually prevent people from achievement. They are a trap. A sticky trap, sure, but a trap nevertheless.

The point is, we are actually wealthy enough to pay everyone a social wage, regardless of disability, age, infirmity, enough to raise everyone above the poverty line. With no questions asked. No means test, nothing.

But the really interesting thing is that the main thing preventing us from this reform isnt economics. It is pure green-eyed jealousy. Not of the rich: the biggest "haters" are the ones who are a wee bit above poverty and therefore resent the idea that anyone who isnt working can afford an annual holiday, a decent safe warm home, or a car.
The way new system set up creates more problems.
With ESA, those that qualify for the support group, many of them want to work and with support some can, others unable to work at all. However, if you show too much ability you face the WRAG, which brings threats and sanctions. Its crazy. Being safe will always win out over fear.
Sorry, Rob. You simply cannot lay the blame at the door of the welfare system, when that is by no means the only factor.

If it were, fair enough - then maybe what the government is doing would be right. Except...the wrong people are being targeted too. It's a cost-saving, scattergun approach that has no finesse or thought behind it.

If it were anything else, then at the same time as cutting benefits there would a massive investment in funding support to help disabled people into work. Is there?

The training for Disability Employment Advisers would improve, and it wouldn't be seen as a dead end job in the service.

Attitudes towards disabled people would not be as vicious: my son has been spat at, threatened with a bottle, sworn at, told he should be put away, and threatened by someone who only backed down because Mike had backup from his parents who made it clear that the individual concerned was at extreme risk. Several different events, all different people - and they were the ones who spoke up. I've seen the way people look at him. Fortunately, Mike doesn't have the savvy to understand or he'd never leave his house, which is under threat from the government changes.

Could Mike work? Certainly not without at least 1:1 support. Can't see the government forking out for that. But I've come across two people recently who had similar needs to Mike who lost their DLA, ILF and other funding - all because their medical passed them as fit for work. No safety net, no capacity for decision making, services reduced, lost contacts with friends...all to save a few quid. You see, it's not just the benefits under attack. Pat's Petition spoke of a "perfect storm": and she was right.

The government is busy taking away everything from the most vulnerable and putting nothing in its place. So how does that get disabled people working?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If the government were to pursue those who pay little tax, close the loopholes, actually make an effort to tackle tax fraud, it would bring in far more than they hope to save on benefits and social care.
Scally, did you see the programme tonight about hunger in Britain? It's all very well having high ideals, especially in a two parent family, but to many, benefits really do matter.
I must have missed it. I must have also missed seeing those millions of skinny people who can't afford to eat. Around here, the main problem is obesity. It is a killer. Do you have a solution to that too, or would you just throw more money at it ?
The NHS "throws" lots of money at people who smoke, that's entirely self inflicted; it spends loads on drink related problems; so wouldn't it be better to offer effective support to people with a weight problem to help them too? I've been traumatised over the last few years, through no fault of my own. When I realised I was turning to food for comfort and asked the GP for support, he was very rude to me and told me to pay £25 per hour for counselling, the NHS would not give me any! After supporting 6 different people, up to 5 at one time, all entitled to the highest rate DLA, during a 33 year period there was not any help for me. Why is my life of less value than those I care for?
Scally, I don't know if you've noticed the sudden increase in food banks?

Are you really suggesting that because someone is malnourished they should not require help?

Remember: the cheapest foods are often also the ones highest in sugar and/or fat.
It's a tough one isnt it? On the one hand, we can see the gross effect of poverty/obesity in every high street, whilst on the other hand, we are faced with demands for more cash benefits because of poverty. Too rich for me. I'll go and find solace in some chocolate digestives, and ponder the meaning of political correctness in a new era when poor people die far too young of obesity, alcohol, drugs and nicotine addiction.