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450,000 disabled people to lose out - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

450,000 disabled people to lose out

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Slightly off topic, but all this talk about poorer families and taxes, government cutting monetary help, people having lack of heating and food and clothing, councils spending vast amounts of money on irrelevant items and projects ............. the first thing that sprung to my mind was THE MIDDLE AGES. Image
When I was young, I knew some elderly people who could still remember the Workhouse. I remember elderly people afraid of applying for any benefit because they rememberd the time when you only got benefit once you'd sold absolutely everything of any value in the house. I can't help but wonder how long it will be before we get back to that sort of arrangement?
I would have expected Cameron to know what severe disability is, the thing is though he doesn't know what poverty is, and that's by any definition, the starving of the world or those using food banks here!
Bowling bun, my son also has severe learning difficulties and it's a battle just to try and get him to cope with normal home life never mind a job, if I were a millionaire though the financial side of it would be of absolutely no concern, so it is with our great leader.
To put all this in some kind of context, the fact is that overall expenditure on disability-related benefits has been rising at way over the level of inflation, or wages, over the past couple of decades. The drive to reduce benefits and replace them with wages isnt an attack on disabled people, and it isnt a Tory agenda, it is mainly an attack on discrimination, perverse incentives, and wasted lives. And we also have lower rates of employment of people with disabilities than many other countries. And most people with disabilities want to work. So the main issue isnt benefits, it is employment. Sure, there are some people who cannot work. But most can. Overseas aid is a red herring, so is arts funding. Both have significant economic benefits, and if you doubt me, ask Edinburgh how much their International festival brings in every year, or find out how much money our publishers derive from the sales of textbooks to the third world.
I don't agree Scally. It is sod all about 'helping disabled people into work' - its about putting them onto a lower level of benefit or even stopping their benefit altogether. If it was about helping disabled people into work they would be doing something about workplace discrimination and strengthening employment rights not trying to erode them. Its totally stick and no carrot.

It's also based on a false premise.

Diagnosis of autism has risen since 1992 - just one example of why there has been an increase.

Expenditure on DLA includes pensioners who started out on DLA and carried on - so instead of having some equilibrium, expenditure would always increase for the foreseeable future.

Claims have risen because (shock! horror!) more people have found out about the existence of the benefit - which even this government accepts is UNDERclaimed. Ignoring the fact that fraud on DLA is lower than any other benefit according to the government (again).

They can't have it both ways (but they are trying, and nearly succeeding) but when our own people buy into the propaganda, we have a problem.
Charles, that is the shortest and best explanation I have ever read. The true extent of disability in the UK was always underestimated, in my view. There are other things which will also increase the number of disability claimants. Once one person has received a benefit, hopefully they will then spread the word to others, so it's a bit like ripples on a pool. When people have thanked me, I just say make sure you tell someone else! Then there are more Carers Centre telling people what their rights are. Last, but by no means least, our own Carers forum. It would be interesting to know how many people rang the CUK helpline in a week asking about entitlements?
It would be interesting to know how many people rang the CUK helpline in a week asking about entitlements?
I will ask if there are any stats.
There is no direct connection between the financial costs of disability, and the financial benefits of the welfare system. It's a crude and cruel lottery, and it should be scrapped. I would provide all individuals/families, regardless of income status, with a decency threshold citizens wage, and then replace all disability-related benefits with a Direct Payment based on a needs-related resource allocation formula run through social work, and paid on the basis of actual receipts. Of course income tax would increase, but that would be a fair return for true financial security. If means testing were abolished then there is no longer an incentive to be idle, many more people would create micro-businesses or consider paid or self-employment in entry-level marginal economic roles such as growing fruit and veg. One of the most under-resourced disability programmes under Labour was "Access To Work" .. what does that say about priorities?
Received back from CarersLine -
Over 50% of calls are specifically about benefits

That said, we try to check that all appropriate benefits are in place with every caller, regardless of what they are calling about.

We answer questions on just about everything - but the main areas carers call about are –

· Benefits

· The forthcoming changes to the benefits system

· Getting support for themselves and the person/people they are looking after

· Direct payments

· NHS continuing healthcare

· Making decisions on someone else’s behalf

· Employment rights

· Challenging decisions

· Council Tax discounts

· Making complaints