Strong words but , even the deteriating situation then , and even worse position now , probably
sums up the mood / view of most veterans at the time.

Quoted from CarerWatch again :
Some readers might be seeing the final dead throes of the unrestricted free market economy .... some call it capitalism.

Sorry to disappoint many but , capitalism is still alive and kicking , just that it is entering a new phrase .... the preservation of wealth at the expense of the poor .... witness the so called " progressive " rise in VAT rather than a vote loosing rise in real progressive taxes , such as income tax.

Nothing wrong in some being more than equal in whatever than others , wealth included .... just that we are now witnessing an ever increasing chasm between those at the top , and those that have fallen to the bottom ( some even falling further ).

So far , many voices have been heard pointing out this chasm , but , apart from a few lone ( antiquated ) ones ... the Morning Star springs to mind .... no general outcry from either the media or the press. Even then , a few have , inevitably , offered solutions ..... virtually all have no substance other than a regurgitation of left wing ideas , some around even before Groucho was born. What's Class when most readers will not even be defined as Working Class by the text book anoraks out there ?

Neal of Compass fame has kicked off a new thread mentioned above. It should be recalled by all that the largest EVER response to any thread ( 750+ postings ) was on a Carers issue. To date , Compass , or should that be Compost ( ? ), has only brought up the subject sparsely ..... dipping their toes in the water ( knowing dam well that the pond is full of piranhas in in the shape of online carers such as myself , Dugsie , Frances , and others ready to pounce ).

2011 will be worse than 2010 , as 2010 was worse than 2009 for carers , and , in the same breathe , their carees. And , to echo previous postings , the body count will grow .... there will always be casualties in a Social War ....... a War that we did not choose , or start ....... or ever win.
...... a War that we did not start.
Poltical ? Shades thereof but sums up the situation at grass roots level.

Why post ?

Basically for any readers wanting more on the history of carers.

Archives are available throughout the forum.

In addition , there are also the archives on CarerWatch , some I bring over if there are relevant to 2016
or add background to news articles available within that section.

This one ? An overview rather specific carer issues.

Something that is lacking wherever one looks in 2016.

Final paragraph ... any bets on 2017 being better than 2016 ???