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£200 million to be spent?! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

£200 million to be spent?!

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why is it such a postcode lottery,i was discussing this with the boss of the homecare company who will be doing the befriending/sitting service for the wife,she agrees that north east lincolnshire council are brilliant,extension built for example quite quickly then shower chair and bits just came without any arguments about funding at all,everybody should move here or send their councils here to see how it's done.ot,care coodinators and adult social care all go the extra mile and heres the main bit that some people might not used to,they work together!!!!! as a team,the alzheimers society up here work with the consultants at the clinics also,thank god i live in north east lincs because everybody else seems to be useless and out of touch with what service users need.
the cash is for new built homes ...all 50 of them
see this is the problem it looks like such a lot of money but it translates into very little in the real world
That was my feeling too. Not sure how many counties we have, but it surely can't equate to more than one house per county? However, used as money to build decent extensions/alterations it would benefit far more people, or how about enabling 24/7 carers to have really good support so they could dip into the real world now and then?
The cost of building small (and they will be) bungalows would not exceed £100k - £150k. That translates to 1,333-2,000, not 50 (£4m each). Even so, nothing like enough but a good soundbite.

Adapting properties would see (assuming £50k per property - some would come in much lower) about 4,000...which would rapidly clear a few waiting lists...
it is 50 per year over 5 years ..the cash will be for new build only and may include the purchase of land ..the government want the elderly to remain within their own homes ..removing the bus pass is a bloody good start ...do you know how many social houses were built last year ?....
120-000 yet we had 250-000 families settle in the uk mainly from the E.U. not sure how many families departed these shores ..but i doubt if they would have all been from social housing ..if we had a good social housing building programme = good homes- lower unemployment...then in 20 years time we can sell them and start all over again.............
Then why didn't you say that George instead of making the 'casual' reader assume it was 50 all told?

Nobody mentioned the demographics of this build. Are they going to going to create 'little villages' that will leave people even more socially isolated?
i said 50 because at the time that was what the beeb had reported, only later did they say it could be 50 per year over 5 years, thats if Labour continue with the plan...silly me and do you think the casual reader will be that bovvered...........
when i thought it was just 50 i was hoping to get one because a 4 million pound disabled home would be wicked,i won't bother now i know it's 50 a year.i'm sure they won't be isolated,most towns are building on old factory sites and industry is moving to the outskirts of town,50 a year over 5 years can't be right either,if they cost 80k to build that will be 2500 homes,but the problem is when do they get round to building them hinckley for example,the sketchley dye works has been demolished over 2 years,rubble still there and room for a good 200 houses,there council waiting list is a joke,councils need a kick up the backside.
do you honestly believe every single penny will be spent on the new build homes after the expenses/wages and the new office for god knows who are taken out of the cash ...and if the local authorities have control of the cash god help us.....