10 Years On : Wanless Social Care Report

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Now ten years after the publication of this momentus report , it is worth reflecting on just what has changed and been implemented by the powers to be.

Put simply , this is THE definitive report on carers , nothing else since has come anywhere close.

https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/sites/file ... ey2006.pdf

A long and sometimes difficult read but hardly an issue not covered.

Obviously , the powers to be have not used the Report as a stepping stone to effect new legislation to
finally define / empower / recognise " Carers " as an entity.

We are all still subject to a mix of different legislation which still contains that magic question ... " Is Carers Allowance a benefit or a replacement wage ? "

The answer to that one is ... "Depends on the context."

One plus ? The Care Act. Even now , it's effectiveness is still very much open to debate.

2009 ? Glorious chance for the Government to finally tidy up all legislation following the road shows and
carer consultations.

End result ? Nothing more than a political manouve to quash the growing feeling of discontent amongst
carers. We were simply ignored / forgotten / abandoned.

And yet , in 2016 , the same concerns / questions are being raised.

LAs collectively are providing less support to carers than they did 10 years ago. Arguments rage across
the political spectrum. In the carer gulag , it's just a case of battening down the hatches even tighter.

The quest to ease the plight of carers continues , and will never cease.

Highly recommended to any reader.
So many Social Workers and Doctors and staff in hospitals just do not think that it is part of their job to refer families to the help that Should be available.
Nearest Relative. In mental health seems to be ignored.

Actually the Police seem to have a better understanding of their Duty of Care than doctors
Colin, I am dismayed at the number of people who don't know what they are entitled to, especially benefits. Whenever anyone mentions a family member with dementia, I always ask if they know about the exemption from Council Tax.
On average, 50% don't, yet anyone diagnosed with dementia has seen at least one doctor about the condition. I know doctors are very busy, but surely a dementia department should have a leaflet explaining not only what dementia is, but what sufferers are entitled to.
The cynic in me suspects the government is saving money by not making more effort to tell people!
Not only that, but if a mother is in a psychiatric hospital. And there are three children under the age of ten, and nobody thinks to ask dad if he needs any help with the children.
Social Care should be taken away from Local Authorities if possible?