£ 10 On CA / DWP Report / Identyfying Carers

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I've been at various local meetings where "identifying carers" is raised as a topic. From an organisational point of view, the obvious people to gather and pass on information would be the GP's, but of course there's that stumbling block/mountain of "patient confidentiality" and then "how much will we be paid?". They are supposed to identify carer patients anyhow, and offer an annual health check (never ever been offered one, only a carer at the same practice for 48 years, so maybe it will be my turn soon?!).
Yep , several suggestions / recommendations made over the years even before the Data Protection Act came into play.

Like several other " Get out of jail free " cards played on other issues , certainly one to hide behind when questions are still being raised in 2017.

This Issue needs to tackled head on if , and a very big IF , someone somewhere tackles our Plight rather than continuing to shower sympathy on us all.

One can't either eat or heat sympathy ... it also tastes bitter as well !
Came across this monster of a Report commissioned by the DWP back in 2011 :

http://www.sociology.leeds.ac.uk/assets ... anding.pdf

Leeds ? I wonder if our Prof. Clemens ( Mentioned on other threads ) was looking over their shoulder. If so , watch out for his fingerprints somewhere in there.

113 pages of very detailed information.

Based on exploration of surveys ?

Unknown , believe me when I say it's a monster , and not easily digestable even in small sized chunks.

What will be of immediate interest are the findings on the " Double " benefit rule which is so cruel to our senior citizen carers.

One which will take a few hours to absorb , especially the recommendations towards the end.

Bear in mind what we have all been victims of 6 years of Austerity since this Report was published.

If published now , would whole sectors need to have been rewritten ?

Happy homework ....
If only us in CarerLand could be fed , and heated , on words ... problem solved.(Your words Chris)

Well, you know what they have taken to....Sending in 'safeguarding' if our paid friends make a complaint to THE SERVICE...The very same one's who have stood side by side voting to make us even poorer in the first place...

Makes lots of sense...sending the safeguarding teams in...if we the unpaid can't afford to heat the home 24/7 on our reduced income...soon to be reduced even more...

End of the day..if they continue with this stance...it'll cost them more as many won't tolerate it or being unpaid as a carer anymore....What will they DO then...send in 'safeguarding' when they can't afford to heat the homes they'll have to open?
As expected in response to several newspapers publishing stories on Labour's proposed increase of £ 10 to all unpaid carers receiving Carers Allowance ... notwithstanding the effect on other benefits !

Unpaid carers ... £ 10 per week increase ... UNPAID ... surely a contradiction somewhere here ?

Not me , just more than a few comments read this morning.

Strongly recommend all references to UNPAID be replaced by FAMILY ( ? ) .... ??????????

Perhaps , even a change in carers to prevent confusion with care workers ... always a good one .... would carer slaves be more appropriate ??

Slaves ?

Yes ... to the System !

Not read Lord Kitch's now infamous recruiting poster ???

Put that up in your local job centre and see just how many apply !!!!!!!!!
A little more on the Number One Priority of all ... ignoring the specific issues of finance and support services ... this one is the KEY for any policy maker / vision for carers ... IDENTYFYING CARERS in the first place :

https://carers.org/news-item/carers-tru ... 80%99-bill

Carers Trust disappointed over Government's refusal to support a Private Members’ Bill
13 Sep 2012

Carers Trust express disappointment that the Government has refused to support a Private Members’ Bill designed to improve identification of carers and improve access to services to support carers and disabled people.

Carers Trust supported the Bill along with 28 other national organisations but were disappointed that the Government refused to support this important legislation. The Bill proposed the following key changes:

Local authorities to provide sufficient supply of social care services, including social care services for disabled people and carers who wish to work or go into education
NHS bodies would have to identify carers
Schools to identify and support young carers
Further and higher education establishments to identify and support young carers
During the debate, Care Services Minister Norman Lamb MP said that he agreed with many of the principles of the Bill, but that the Government had reservations about putting duties on councils to ensure sufficient supply of care services or duties on education and health bodies on carer identification. However, the Minister said that the Government would look at how the principles of Bill would be included the Government’s own legislation.

Director of Policy and Research, Moira Fraser said:

“Although the Bill is not likely to make any further progress in Parliament, the debate was a vital opportunity to highlight what needs to be done and what difference local carers organisations can make. Carers Trust welcomes the Minister’s commitment to look at the important issue of improving identification of carers and we will ensure that this is taken forward. We would like to thank Barbara Keeley MP and the eleven co-sponsors for all their work to ensure that carers access services and the support that they need.”

5 years on and ...... ?

Not even mentioned in the subsequent " Exchanges " on Carers Day in the House ?

Why not ?

Perhaps something awaits in the forthcoming Carers Strategy ?

No clues beyond information suppplied by a third party.

Our supporting organisation had reps there but , still no report for us mere carers ?

Make of this what you will.

Too many vital Issues are being mothballed beyond what we ourselves are doing.

What message does that send out to us in CarerLand ?

Either do it yourself or rely on any scraps coming your way ?

" Shut up and keep quiet ... be thankfull that any scraps come your way ! "


Perhaps I have been registered with some bad GP surgery s but they have never done anything to help my children and I .

One Doctor said in a report that we were a dysfunctional family, but he did nothing to help us. He could have made a referral to social services for example, couldn't he?