£ 10 On CA / DWP Report / Identyfying Carers

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One of my favourite type articles for your amusement ... well scorn perhaps ?

https://www.theguardian.com/society/201 ... e-increase

In essence , a rise of £ 10 per week for those able to claim Carers Allownce under proposals put forward by the Labour Party.

To put that into prospective , two Issues on here on the go ... Carers Concessionary Travel / CA : 21 Hour Rule ... cost about the same but , just how many MORE carers would benefit ????

The old feed a few more at the expense of the others trick !!!

Those carers who are in receipt of a state pension would see no benefit !

Of immediate interest , the numbers quoted for those claiming CA ..... 800,000 - 1 Million ..... I thought the actual number was , around , 575,000 ( 1 in 11 / 12 ) ..... any upto date figures anywhere ?????

Seen this before , £ notes dangled from the branches of a tree in exchange for your vote.

Enjoy the article , carers part of a job lot of a vote enticing package ... opening bid £ 10 for our worth.

No doubt , someone else will put on a slightly higher bid to catch the voters attention and press interest.

Back in the real world of CarerLand , we might ask ...

" Is that all we are worth ? Anymore scraps about ? "

" Are we mere vote catching fodder ? "

Clowns ... any they are not funny !


" Jeremy , would you like a nice priscine full size Recruitment Poster for your wall ? "

" Would you like a little help with what it says .............. ? "

" It's in plain English ..... "
Independent this time , more for the comments section than anything else :

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 87581.html


On the same scale , end of march two miles and a bit away ?

Don't forget the lttle ones hiding in the middle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Worth posting given the person quoted , and her " Work " on carers.

The Mistress of Ceremonies on Carers Day in the House :
Shadow care minister Barbara Keeley said: “Our health and care system would not manage without the care that [unpaid carers] provide. Without them, millions of people would have to manage without any support at all.”

Hang on a mo , what about carers ?


Words ..... how easy there are ...

Action .... well , that needs effort ?

If only us in CarerLand could be fed , and heated , on words ... problem solved.

Still , words on leaflets burn nicely !
An interesting one on savings levels towards retirement :

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... irees.html

Given the present pogrom on virtually all benefits for people of working age , the Government will declare that the drain of benefit payments has had a positive effect , mainly on unemployment figures.

However , there is a very large ticking time bomb.

Cut incomes for millions , and savings towards the future will diminish if not cease.

Now , not a problem but ... fast forward to the time many benefit recipients reach the state pension retirement age. Highly probable that the state pension will be higher , with add ons , than the pre retirement age level.

Cause and effect ... benefit bill including pensions will rise faster in the future ... unless measures are introduce to either limit pension increases further and / or merely shunt the problem into the future by tinkering with the retirement age.

Carers ... we are informed that the Voice are preparing a five year strategy ... probably on hold given the Government's own strategy to be announced shortly ... I trust that this observation has been factored in ?

Needless to say , poverty levels amongst the 6 million + carer army will continue to rise , and follow through with former carers in their 50s / 60s ( Virtually unemployable ) until the state pension kicks in.

Even then , how many carers / former carers will need 1 - 5 years for their short term debts to be repaid / reduced caused directly by inadequate income whilst caring ?

And , even pensioners complain that the level of the state pension is not enough !!!

Food for thought ?

Visions ...
£10.00 an hr and he gets my vote as a carer...my vote goes to the highest bidder :lol:


Before the election announcememt, Jeremy Corbin said he was going to promote giving carers £10 extra a week in thir plan. Big deal, I thought. As a pensioner I'd still get sod all.
Had that covered when I posted the news article.

Only one measure will help our senior citizen carers ... END the " Double " benefit rule !

Our Social Wage did that ... carers premium in cash on top of the pension , even more if also disabled.

I'm always listening ...

Perhaps an invite to Carers Day in the House ?

I'll gladly go on behalf the 6 million !

Dressed as Oliver Cromwell , couple of Millwall's finest as assistants ... and a team of psychiatric nurses just in case we find a few still with pulses ?

Invite a hundred or so specially selected carers ... two can play at the game ! ... and let proceedings commence ...

Need a Mistress of Ceremonies ... 125 from LeTisLand or HelloSailorLand ... carer ?

No problem , probably need to divi up 'alf of their fare ... you go free , he / she doesn't !!!

Now , would that get a thumbs up ?
Carers premium only applies if you get income related benefits, those with savings (I only have mine because relatives died) still wouldn't get anything.
" Carers Premium " element.

I was comparing with the Social Wage proposed back in 2008.

Previous hotchpotch of benefits / allowances back then.

Now , 9 years on , a new hotchpotch ... how things could have been so different ?

Simple systems are too simple for the advisors behind Government policy.

Same problem with a couple of them back in CarerWatch / Compass days.

Always looking to add complexity where the very opposite was needed.
Main thrust of this observation lost when the Carers UK : Your Organisation section was withdrawn towards the end of last year.

I will therefore , assume that any reference to issues raised on that Section is now off limits.

However , this one is altogether different !

What is of interest is a previous thread from close on 10 years ago which led upto the inclusion of " Carers " in the last Census , 2011.

Note the author , Matt Hill , always willing to interact with posters.

Also , later on , the involvement of the All Party Carers Group in the House ... same team , new faces , now been in hibernation for ... 7 years or more if going by number of times appearing on threads ?

Imelda Redmond .... a name from the past ....

Postings ... 34 ..... Reads 7,209.

http://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-camp ... carers-200

6 years on and ... still in the " To do " pile.

How can ANY policy be effective for carers if only 1 in 11/ 12 are known ??

That question will remain as a reminder to all in the policy making decision process , and I challenge anyone to dispute it's validity !!!