Carers Pay to travel in London

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Hampshire issue a Companion Bus Pass to someone who needs a carer to travel with them at all times.

For many years, my son and I travelled on the West Somerset Railway, he paid full price, I was free. This year they had removed the "carer goes free" option. Fortunately, it was quiet, so I chatted to the man in the ticket office. He said the option had been removed as it had been badly abused, especially people saying TWO carers were needed. Real shame. Anyhow as I'm also a pensioner and was pleasant, I still had some discounts!!
Yep ... i was challenged earlier to do some research as to free travel for carers within certain LAs ... identify those that do and those that don't.

Almost impossible task unless I surfed into every LA out there ... so , apologies for not doing so !

Back to the maths.

Free nationwide travel on public transport.

Probably put 4 / 5 times as much monies back into CarerLand than " Fairer For Carers " would add to it.

Perhaps more importantly , those at the lower end of available resources ... namely no car or access to one when needed ... would benefit the greatest ... CA is NOT means tested ... yet.
An analogy ?

Spaceship ... trying to reach the speed of light ... the nearer it approaches , the more energy it needs to expend.

No way can said spaceship reach that limit ... General Relatvity ... Uncle Albert ... Einstein.

Same with Amanda's petition ... speed limit here , 5,000 signatures ... 4,925 as I type ... over a month to add the last 5 !

A final push by those who are reading this posting but have NOT signed ??? ... -your-help


That really would be an achievement !!!
163 posts