Guest Visitors : Q & A Session ?

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Probably taken me around 14 years to post this " Suggestion. "

Occasionly , the hierachy have visited this Forum for a questions and answers session ... some have been good value for all readers.

Time for members to nominate " Guests " to do the same ... if they are willing.

Being at ground zero , there are several who could be very enlightening for views on / recommendations for CarerLand but not obvious to Carers UK.

Difference prospectives but ... alternative ways of looking at the big picture ?

Informative as opposed to argumentative.

As an example , my number one choice would be Professor Luke Clements.

Earlier thread dovetails into the reasons why : ... 20clements

Politicos ? Only if readers want a mud slinging session ?

Any thoughts ?
The odd executive from one of the caree supporting organisations would not amiss ?

Given the number of " Senior citizens " posting on this Forum ... me included ... Age UK springs to mind.

Even now a member of the Twirlies Club having used me new bus pass last week !

Certainly saves me having to wear a Millwall scarf just to get a seat ?

What would they make of carers in their 80s and 90s still caring ... some at the heavy end and also disabled themselves ?