Guest Visitors : Q & A Session ?

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Probably taken me around 14 years to post this " Suggestion. "

Occasionly , the hierachy have visited this Forum for a questions and answers session ... some have been good value for all readers.

Time for members to nominate " Guests " to do the same ... if they are willing.

Being at ground zero , there are several who could be very enlightening for views on / recommendations for CarerLand but not obvious to Carers UK.

Difference prospectives but ... alternative ways of looking at the big picture ?

Informative as opposed to argumentative.

As an example , my number one choice would be Professor Luke Clements.

Earlier thread dovetails into the reasons why : ... 20clements

Politicos ? Only if readers want a mud slinging session ?

Any thoughts ?
The odd executive from one of the caree supporting organisations would not amiss ?

Given the number of " Senior citizens " posting on this Forum ... me included ... Age UK springs to mind.

Even now a member of the Twirlies Club having used me new bus pass last week !

Certainly saves me having to wear a Millwall scarf just to get a seat ?

What would they make of carers in their 80s and 90s still caring ... some at the heavy end and also disabled themselves ?
No one ?

Okay , I concede ... a politico ?

If so , don't hold me responsible !
2 suggestions spring to mind....

1............ representative from CQC
2.............. same from HealthWatchUK
Someone from the NHSexplaing the Continuing Healthcare postcode lottery, especially explaining how retirement areas like the New Forest, don't have a proportionaaly larger number of CHC eligible patients. Recent figures in Which were a national disgrace.
Makes 3 with the Professor Luke Clements.


A Sunderland supporter as well , perhaps ? ... knowing your yearning to takeover my old roll as I have taken over yours ?

'bout time someone provided me with some new trawling nets ???

One to be fed to the lions ... and lionesses ... if the magpies haven't already picked the carcass clean ???


Quick perusal of their website ... reads as if someone forget their false teeth in their reviews.

No. 4 ?

Barbara Keeley , mp ... mistress of ceremonies on Carers Day in the House ... former " Advisor " to the old PRT ( Now Carers Trust ) on her cv ( In ink so it cannot be rubbed off ? ) ... would be in the frame.

If arrangements could be made for me to be " Helping the police with their enquiries " ( That would be a novelty , wouldn't it ... Chris ? ), or some other three line whip type excuse for being absent during the online discussion , that might be interesting for others to witness , at first hand , just what we are facing in the House ?

For what could probably be on the menu , look no further than the transcript of last year's Carers Debacle in the House available in past postings or still on Hansard.