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Hi, it's been ages since I've been on forum. I am so dissapointed with the system that I need to see if anyone feels as I do. I am a 56 year old carer . I have cared for my son for 30 years and love him dearly. It has taken it's toll on me in all sorts of ways. physically mentally and financialy. I work part time and because I had a few pence an hour increase. carers allowance has stopped. I feel so uncared for myself I could cry. They haven't increased the £100 pound threashold for a few years now so if I have a tiny increase but the ca stays the same. I have to cut my hours. Why is it that as a carer I am not asking for a handout but to be allowed to earn a little more. I am going to be a poor pensioner indeed especially as they will take my ca off me when I am 67. I am so tired of the struggle. The gov don't care less for carers, even though we save the tax payer millions. Whinge over
You're right, Sharon2. The system is stupid, and acts to devalue people who give so much.
Sharon, it's a rubbish system but unfortunately we're stuck with it for the time being. However, some of the CA rules aren't widely known, like what you can discount from your total income, to lower it slightly to under £100 again. Ring the helpline, I know some of the details were given a few weeks ago, but can't remember the listing title.
same thing happened to me. I was slightly over the threshold and they stopped it. I was so angry, just because your over the limit doesnt mean the level of care you give is any less. Absolutely disgusted with it Image
It must be the only situation where you do one job, get paid; then when you get a second job you lose all the money from your first one! I mentioned this as part of my motion at the CUK AGM in 2004, which was passed almost unanimously, but nothing was done subsequently.
I have written to my local mp and also Ian Duncan Smith to complain about the gov aborting my ca. Every time they get a letter off me I get a reply saying they are looking into it. I believe there is power in numbers and ask anyone out there to write a letter of support to get a fairer deal with ca. 1. that we can be allowed to earn a bit more. At 56 I am not even a home owner. 2. That it increases with the cost of living. 3. that we can recieve it post state pension for as long as we are carers. Please support me in this. I.T.V. wales came into my home to interview me about this and I am willing to do what it takes.
This is my second post on the same subject that burns inside me.
As I said my ca has been stopped cos I earned £1.50 pw too much. I have written to Ian D Smith and my local mp. I am willing to do whatever it takes to raise awareness. We have a heartless government and they support much less deserving people than us. At 56 I am not a home owner 3 points for working carers to have a slightly better living.
1. That the amount we earn goes up to £150. (it has stayed the same for a few years now)
2. That it increases with the cost of living
3. Post state pension age we don't lose ca (we need it more than ever then, we still care)
Please would anyone support me by writing a brief letter to Ian Duncan Smith.caxton house, tothill st, london sw1h9da. Thank you so much.
Hi Sharon, I have merged both your threads to keep the discussion all in one place.