To amend the regulations for DLA/CA

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Amend the regulations for Disability Living Allowance and Carers Allowance so that disabled individuals who continue to face additional costs as a result of their disability can continue to receive the benefit while they are in hospital and that a person who is in receipt of Carer's Allowance who continues to care for a person on DLA while they are in hospital for more than 35 hours a week can continue to receive Carer's Allowance. At present, those with severe disability and serious health problems loose benefit due to repeated hospital admissions. Parents of seriously disabled children are expected to continue to provide a high level of care for their children when they are in hospital and to meet exceptional costs, but all benefits stop because the child is in hospital
It is very important that CARERS spread the word about this e-petition because many carers like myself have fallen foul of these rules ‘when someone they care for goes into hospital’.

After 10 years of caring, never taking respite, and continuing to care while mum was in hospital needing potentially life saving medical treatment due to complex end stages of dementia, the DWP stopped my National Insurance Contributions and as a consequence following bereavement I found out that i was unable to claim sickness or jobseekers allowance because not enough National Insurance Contributions had been paid during this time.

Done entity
Done and copied over to my forum too
Has the charity signed it?

If not why not?

Petitions are for individuals to sign: Carers UK has already made it clear in their submission to the government's green paper that DLA and AA should be left alone.
There is no reason why an entity such as a charity could not sign a petition and show some solidarity.

The petition is about payments of DLA/AA when the person cared for is in hospital, it has nothing to do with a "Green Paper".

I think charities can sign petitions, why ever not?