they listen but they dont hear

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i have read a lot of what people have gone through already with these cuts and all the fears we all have. but i'm sorry to say writing letters, sending emails going on marches, other organisations getting involved etc etc is not doing a blind bit of difference this government has made up its mind to that and there is nothing we can do i'm not saying to stop but really what's the point? they have made promises and they keep falling short. the time this government is finished with us life will not be worth living it's not at best of times but it's going to get far worse than what it is now we still got the march budget to go and i'm not looking forward to that either i sometimes wonder if it's worth going on or just end it before it gets worse Image Image
They hear OK - they just couldn't give a s**t.
Some people may well consider the 'alternative option', sadly. I can't believe in the 21st century in an affluent western country we've been brought to this.
The Government don't care at all.
Even people who are not disabled ar becoming aware of all the unfairness and are starting to realise that disabled people and Carers are being bullied and humiliatedwith every change or proposed change that comes along.
It is terrifying.