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CA for more than one caree

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Only 22 signatures so far - although the deadline is some way off, the government is currently deciding what it's going to do: maybe we can help them by adding more signatures to this petition now?
Providing CA isnt going to be scrapped in the near future !
Providing CA isnt going to be scrapped in the near future !
Who knows what will happen with CA Tinker, whether it be scrapped/changed names etc,but it cannot remain as it is.Getting it increased,restrictions lifted,rulings changed etc is something we,as in carers everywhere, both on and offline have been fighting for.Some carers have even floated the ideas of a Carers Wage or of a Social wage.
Every report,every survey/polls,every consultation with carers brought the same main topic in that CA as it stands is a disgrace.

For all the government go on about possibly increasing Individual Budgets/DP's, of getting officials to recognise carers....if come the Announcement , Finances for carers is not addressed ,they wasted both time and money with the consultation events.

You only have to read all the carer forums,read various media articles and just now especially Radio4,to see the effect of claiming CA has on carers lives.

It has to be changed Tinker,just how we will have to see.

Hope you and yours are well,how is your daughter these days?

x x x x

Hi Rosemary,
Thanks for asking, we are ok.
If and when the new agenda starts , we will be off the system.
This hopefully will be our right to choice.
If my ca is withdrawn, so be it.
I will cope.
For me, there is no hesitation of giving up 50.00 per week as opposed to freedom of choice for my daughters wishes.
I wish cuk could see this , measly as ca is, it does help a tiny minority of us.
cuk faught to get it for us, why cant they fight to keep it for us who need it.
best wishes.
Morning Tinker,

Everything is speculation at the moment but for me there will always have to remain a payment direct to carers.Individual Budgets/DP's are not going to be suitable for all but even by some chance they were, the resources are not there for it to happen overnight.
Social services cannot cope at this present time so no way could they take thousands more on their books overnight.Plus the costs would be astronomical.

Whatever is announced Tinker,this country needs family carers and as such they have to be recognised for their worth and £48.95 does not do that,so hopefully it will be changed.

My concern is the build up we have had,all the hype,all the reports and consultations.My expectations are not high,they never are when its Governments announcements but something drastic has to be brought about otherwise the whole exercise has been pointless.

Apologies if you have already said Tinker but how old is your daughter?

Take care
x x x

Hi rosemary,
my disabled daughter is an adult and of sound intellectual mind.
I didnt need to answer this because of confidentiallity regs did I?
No offence taken Rosemary, but please pm me in future if you have any other personal questions.
Hope you are ok and can get some sleep.
Point taken Tinker.

We never post anything we dont want,personal or otherwise.
Each individuals privacy is respected at all times.
Will pm you later after taking daughter to work.

I actually had a good nights sleep last night ,for me Image .Got to bed about 1.30am so an early night really Image Image

One of the things that came out in the consultations with carers is that they would like to see some financial recognition for those who care for more than one person. This is something Carers Uk has campaigned on for years, our Fair deal campaign in 2001 called for this and we have again called for it to be addressed in the new Strategy.

Let's hope they listen.


If you haven't read already you can see what carers called for in our report "Carers Voices - shaping the 2008 strategy" Download the PDF report (369k)