Social Care (who made that term up !) has ended

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Are we now in the mire of the greatest discrimination against an indigenous population. If you are aged, need care, have money, the authorities want to scoff your dosh and kill you all off in a cowardly and most hurtful way for the carer and their loved one. Carers that try their hardest to make the final journeys of their loved ones are being ridiculed and made destitute. Concern to the trauma that Carers go through is on no agenda of the authorities. Authorities care nothing for Carers or about anyone who has already paid them to get nothing under false promises.
There have been shortages of social workers for seventeen years or more.

There needs to be a Royal Commission of Enquiry into how Social Services are delivered.

Perhaps social services should be taken away from
Local Government and privatised?
Social Care?...False advertising springs to mind.Where is the Social part or the care part. I'm getting some interesting information off Freedom of information, for example, the area I'm dealing with upheld no complaints about the services in the last year?
The sooner Social Care as a 'service'(If you can call it that) collapses the better.