This may interest some members here . I have sent my email off

West Norfolk Women & Carers’ Pensions Network says No to £2.5 Billion from the Nation’s Children
We are asking as many individuals as possible over Christmas and New Year to sign it and e-mail it to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith at or to print off a copy of the letter and post it to him.

It’s important to save Child Benefit as a universal benefit for all mothers. Once it is means tested, we will be on a long slippery slope.

Best wishes,
West Norfolk Women and Carers’ Pensions Network
Here is template letter to send to IDS

For the Immediate Attention of the Secretary of State

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
Department for Work and Pensions
Caxton House
Tothill Street

Dear Mr Duncan Smith,

Please Save Universal Child Benefit for Our Daughters & Grand-daughters

I am writing to you today to ask you to save Universal Child Benefit which the Chancellor George Osborne plans to take away from families with a higher taxpayer.

Higher rate taxpayers are more likely to be men than women and so the Chancellor’s plan could lead to pressure on mums to give up Child Benefit if their husband or partner does not want to have the amount clawed back from his income.

Ending Universal Child Benefit could prejudice mothers who stay at home to look after their children and whose only guaranteed source of income is Child Benefit.

Ending Universal Child Benefit could jeopardise mothers in violent or abusive relationships.

Money is often not shared equally in households. But benefits given direct to the mother are more likely to be spent on the children.

So please keep Child Benefit Universal for ourselves, our daughters and grand-daughters.

Motherhood has a direct and dramatic influence on women’s employment prospects and pay which typically lasts a lifetime.

Women who work full-time are still paid on average 16% less an hour than men while women who work part-time are paid 35% less than a man even for work of equal value.

So I think all mothers deserve Child Benefit and since the Second World War so have all UK Governments.

So please ask the Chancellor to keep Child Benefit universal.

Yours sincerely,