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Petition re DLA - Carers UK Forum

Petition re DLA

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Petition the Minister for Disabled People to Recall the Public Consultation on DLA Reform

You need register 1st but only takes seconds.

http://www.petitiononline.co.uk/petitio ... reform/569

Please share with family/friends/contacts. Post on your FB pages. Remember that a reduction or withdrawal of DLA could have an affect on those in receipt of Carers Allowance.
Thanks Rosemary.
'Disability benefit helped me, it can help others. Stop punitive reforms'
Peter Beresford, chair of national service user network Shaping Our Lives and professor of social policy at Brunel University, explains why he has signed the petition to stop the reform of disability living allowance and why benefits and social care must be seen as a complete system.

Two things that go very badly together are populist political ideology and welfare benefits reform. Sadly the Coalition government has not been able to resist what it seems to see as easy political targets in its headlong rush to cut public spending.

see in full here
This is good, but many more will need to sign it.
add another one to the list.
There are plans afoot for a downloadable version so family and friends can support it too. Will keep you posted.
Rosemary, I tried to register in order to verify my name, etc. yesterday morning but the activation has not been emailed so I cannot sign.
Thanks for letting me know Annie. I will pass your comment on to the petitions creator and hopefully get back to you.

Being the cheeky git that I am, can I ask you to sign the other DLA petition in this section. Will affect our R so I am 110% pushing it Image
Will do.
Forget to say, done when first posted Image