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signatures needed for L/D and Early age Dementia. Please!!!! - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

signatures needed for L/D and Early age Dementia. Please!!!!

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hi Rosemary. Have a new social worker who is now writing up my daughter's assessment. (think this is the fifth or pos the sixth since our problems started) He is also doing my carers assessessment. We have been requested to meet a manager of people with Learning disabilities and also the commissioning manager of L/D in social care.
Dont know if i mentioned it before but attended an informal committee meeting at the council house.It was called the overview and scrutiny meeting to discuss people with dementia. We where asked to say our experience within L/D. Was given more time than expected and there is a possibility we will be asked back. My petition is now at 266.
the media unfortunately coundn,t care less,but the viewing numbers on the boards are over 3000 now.
I really wanted to go to that 'rally' outside parliament but it falls in the middle of my holiday. If I was well off, would fly back for the day as I think it is SO important for all Carers!
Thank you for asking, I do appreciate it .
Just a thought, Jeannette.Last year, a professional told me that my son's Social Worker could do my assessment, but she would be biased towards my son's needs, and not mine. I made sure that I had mine done with the Carers Assessment Team, as they have my interests ,not my son's to think about.
Good bit of advice that Daisy...Thanks.
You have come so far Jeanette and an inspiration to others.

Well done

x x
Signed & good luck
Only four days to go and my petition hopefully will be winging off to the Government!!
Hope it does open eyes,but especially make those in power realise how VERY little is being done for people in this situation,and also hope something practical is put in place!!
Can only wish!! Cant do more. Would love to go on the Carers protest on the 22nd of April but it is impossible.Have emailed my MP though and requested he talks to the carers and takes on board their complaints and concerns. have also voiced my concerns again (and again and again) about L/D and Dementia!!
Thanks all of you for supporting me with this petition!! I hope we will achieve something by it that will help a lot of people with L/D (particularly Downes syndrome) as dementia strikes!!!! Especially Early age dementia.
Morning Jeanette,

God knows what the official reply from Govt is going to be but your success lies in how you have raised awareness of these issues with so many people who were unaware of them prior to this.You took that 1st step and it snowballed, with support from members across many different forums.
I wish you well with any future campaigns and I am sure you will receive the same support each time.

x x
I saw this article which I thought might be intersting for you Jeanette
http://www.disabilityscoop.com/2009/04/ ... rome/2808/

Alzheimer’s Far More Likely In People With Down Syndrome
Odds are that one in 10 people will get Alzheimer’s disease by age 65. But add Down syndrome to the mix and those odds climb to more than a 75 percent chance.
Thanks for that Matt. If something isnt done and relatively quickly too, then a lot of carers are going to be in a situation where no correct help or support is available! (as it is now) There is no forward thinking/planning to my knowledge about this extremely worrying problem. More pressure and care will be put on carers shoulders and their age will be discounted!!!
Too busy giving MPs etc large amounts of money to buy bath plugs, Second homes etc!!
they can have it we cant!!!
oops, I think I signed it twice!