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signatures needed for L/D and Early age Dementia. Please!!!! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

signatures needed for L/D and Early age Dementia. Please!!!!

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I have posted the link on the Carers Poverty Protest forum, Jeanette, I hope that that's OK.
I am delighted that anyone posts my petition anywhere Parsival.Thank you so much. I have looked and recognise some names already!! Am at number 50 now and think the rest will be hard to get but will keep on trying. Have never been so determined to do something about this injustice which we have experienced for a very long time.will take it as far as I can, but do know I have already raised awareness to the problem as I intended to do!!
You're at 61 now Jean.


As with the protest petition, I've sent out to all my friends to ask them to sign it too. Always worth a go.
Charles ..thank you so much your time and effort is really appreciated. I said to Rosemary in a message on here I felt so isolated,(cant remember the exact words ) and she said you are not alone we will support you ..and my word ..It has really happened!! I must admit when people say they are going to do something .. it rarely happens,but this site and it members have been really GREAT and very supportive!!! Thank you all so much!!
good luck
Well done Jeanette on reaching the 200 mark.Now the real work starts Image , by pushing it to get more support.

I note on PRTC that you were one of the carers for Womens Weekly.Try follow it up and see if they can add details of your petition in a future edition.No harm in asking Image
I am obviously delighted to get the 200 signatures. Any more will be a bonus to me.Have been told the larger the number the more attention is paid to the petition.
I was interviewed re PRTC before I decided to take action on my new years resolution to bring awareness about L/D and Early Age Dementia! what a lost opportunity Image ( but I didnt have a choice of topic anyway.) PRTC have been as supportive as Carers UK .These two charities seem to work so well together. The Alzheimers Society seems to be very interested and has offered to put my petition in their march magazine.(Local)Plus have already emailed supporters to sign!! Some private carer sites also took up my concerns. So all in all felt isolated to start with then all of a sudden really caring people appeared!!
Someone who deals with human rights wants to have a chat so will wait and see what is said. Then see what the next step should be.
Thanks all of you who got the petition past 200.[/b]
Image Have now started on the media.dont know whether I will get anywhere, but spoke to the reporter who wrote about abuse by Carers of people in Alzheimers/Dementia.
She said to sent a letter to the letter page and she would 'give it a push ' (my words)
So hope they do print it.
Keep chipping away Jeanette,you are doing great.

x x
Any further developments Jeanette?