Sign petition in fight over care funding.

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Sign petition in fight over care funding

Northwich Chronicle

Aug 15 2007

By Dave Goodban ... _page.html

Kind Regards,

Stephen (Johnson).
Already done but thanks for bringing it back for new members.

How are you all,hows Rod?
They managed to put the wrong link to the petition in the article. It should be

We now have 2,523 signatures and rank 91st out of 8,716 petitions. Ends 20th August. It will be interesting to see the government response.

Kind Regards,

Stephen (Johnson).

P.S. Rosemary. Rod is still in hospital. He came out for two days and was re - admitted. Hopefully he will be returning to the nursing home today.

Hope all is well with Rod and he returns today Stephen.

Take care
Maryann x