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Carers have children too & caring impacts on carers’ earnings.

Are you a carer on Working Tax Credit? Do you have school-age children in secondary school? Do you struggle to pay for school meals since you lost your child’s entitlement to Free School Meals when you went on Tax Credits? How does this affect your family budget?

West Norfolk Women and Carers’ Pensions Network launches our Free School Meals for Secondary School Children on WTC Campaign today. Show us your support and we will tell members of the House of Lords who are set to debate the issue this week in Grand Committee MONDAY 25 JANUARY & WEDNESDAY 27 JANUARY 2010

This Week’s Government Amendment 80 to the Child Poverty Bill is set to introduce free school meals for primary school children if parents are on Working Tax Credits - that is, on an income of £16,000 a year of less. This is set to take 50,000 children out of poverty.
But the same benefit won’t extend to children in secondary schools whose parents are on tax credits.

We believe it should!.

It could take another 50,000 children out of poverty. It doesn’t make sense to yo-yo children out of poverty at primary school and back in again at secondary school, when growing appetites and nutritional requirements put more pressure on family finances. With the extra unmet costs of transport and childcare, the cost of school meals can tip the balance against Making Work Pay and prove a real disincentive to returning to paid employment.
There are real health benefits to making school meals available for as many children as possible and recent studies of packed lunches show they don’t meet Govt’s nutritional guidelines for school meals.

What do you think? Tell us! And we will tell Parliament

Contact … Alexandra Kemp, West Norfolk Women and Carers’ Pensions Network, King’s Lynn, Norfolk